Football: FC Sion should start with a clean slate


By flirting too much with emptiness, the Walliser club must become something other than a team so fond of trouble that they look for it. His providential draw against Servette (3-3) illustrates what needs to change. All…

It’s an end-of-season ritual that we are systematically entitled to when different teams representing a tight-knit community of interests have yet to compete and when some, on vacation, have already covered while others are still plunged into mist. Is there solidarity between footballers with the same linguistic conviction? Anyone can swear that no one eats this bread, Servette responded in his own way by traveling to Wallis without some of his executives and presenting a very experimental starting line-up at kick-off (no more than 90 starts in total this season).

We can’t blame Alain Geiger here though: Servette had escaped three days earlier and his coach was free to rotate. There’s nothing objectionable about that, although the method can be shocking if you know how important a derby is in the eyes of the fans.

In any case, it was an unexpected gift to Sion, which, however, he did not manage to unwrap until he rubbed the worst shoulders in front of his audience, as he took this year’s nasty habit. When they opened the score and the planets finally seemed to align, how could his players get blown up again?

With Frick Sion made the roadblocks

Facing a visitor dropped by his goalkeeper, Gaetan Karlen’s foreseeable success and the repeated carelessness of Omeragic – Frick, the usual substitute who has scored the three goals – were necessary to ensure that Sion’s season is not dangerous. had to extend. With Frick between the Geneva posts, it was the play-offs against Schaffhausen that the Wallisers were able to prepare.

This Sunday, in a summary of what his season was, Sion made Sion. To believe that only he knows how to do it and that his good will exempts him from offering anything but suspense. Over the length of a championship, such a minimalist approach is too poor to be content with.

There was certainly the insanely dramatic intensity of an unbelievable outcome that saved the Walliser club from an even more diabolical scenario. But that’s not enough to forget months of effort and hassle for a team whose last success at home dates back to March 2 against the future relegated Lausanne.

Dare to introspect

If we’ve finally understood that there can’t be a normal game (and a normal season) with this team, is that a reason to resign? It has been three springs that the dramaturgy has compensated for the lack of an ambitious project in the game, but with the transitional season starting this summer, without immediate relegation at the end of the championship 2022-2023, Sion, more than smiling circumstances and jubilant scenes shared with the family on the lawn by the liberating flute, would be wrong not to give in to his introspection. Which means asking the right questions, necessarily the ones that hurt in the first place.

The first concerns his coach, whose presence on the bench for the recovery has not yet been formalized. It would be very exaggerated and above all contrary to reality to claim that Paolo Tramezzani saved the club from Wallis this spring. Although Sion had a 14-point lead over Lucerne to ensure a peaceful end to the season, it was his coach who, by mismanaging such a safety cushion, could not offer him a better perspective.

Today, Sion lacks as much spontaneous lightness and fun to play (and convey to his fans) as he suffers from a gap with his audience. Tourbillon was of course full of emotions this Sunday, but that in no way compensates for another season of frustration. Specializing only in maintenance missions, Sion manages to carry out more and more ridiculous rescues.

The famous “Wallisan” character behind which his players like to claim their support, naturally exists intermittently; it deserves to be better exploited, especially at the service of a real game project.Sion can no longer afford to pile on the players, take revenge for not relying on real talents. The tormented fate of Vagner Dias alone sums up a policy that should be banned. We can’t have played 30 games in L1 like the Cape Verdean did and blacklisted at Tourbillon like the striker was on his arrival.

There must still be a FC Sion

As in the other French-speaking head office, the work is both extensive and complex. It concerns both the defence, including the goalkeeper (Kevin Fickentscher no longer earns enough points as he once knew), as well as the midfield and the attacking compartment. Where, apart from the enchanted parenthesis Gaëtan Karlen against Servette, Filip Stojilkovic struggles alone. Behind Switzerland’s M21 international’s 11 goals is none other than the penalties converted by Grgic and the victorious tumblers of Cavaré, the club’s third top scorer with 5 successes. There is an anomaly that needs to be corrected.

Loving shit too much eventually attracted Zion to them. To break with these final exercises of abandonment, he would ideally have to start all over again.

Tourbillon is not about turning the page, but about tearing it out (at least in theory) to write another story. With more results, more stability, more shared pleasures. And above all, less hassle.

FC Sion should be able to exist again.

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