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She dressed up as Nemo. He went out of his way to meet her. Finally, he managed to interview him. Julie Snyder, who aired her famous interview with Ellen DeGeneres at the launch of The week of the 4th of Julylooks back on the career of the American comedian and presenter in four stages in January 2020.

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Silvia Galipeau

Silvia Galipeau
The press

“Yes, I’m gay”


Ellen DeGeneres made headlines Time magazine

It is one of the Time mmagazine who got the most buzz. A certain April 14, 1997 that has gone down in history. It’s been 25 years and for one of the very first times, an American lesbian star came out to the media, sober and sounding. “And that had a big impact on American society,” says Julie Snyder. She even lost her job then! […] I was doing a talk show at the time: The J-fist† Ayoye, she’s losing her job! Wow! I already thought it was precarious to be a woman and to host a talk show on TVA. Just being a woman, I found it difficult. Luckily I was straight! “An outing that awkwardly shook up American society, so “bravo! “She changed society, she opened the door – knocked on the door! – for all homosexuals! And she paid the price…

Get out of his character

Le 30 avril 1997, soit deux semaines après ce fameux coming out, le personnage qu’elle incarne dans la sitcom Ellen sort à son tour du placard dans un épisode à la fois mémorable et historique. The Puppy Episode bat à l’époque des records de cotes d’écoute. « C’est un grand moment, souligne Julie Snyder, et c’est très intéressant, parce que Ellen était une sitcom, mais aussi une sorte de téléréalité, quand on l’analyse avec le prisme actuel. […] There was something autofiction. […] There really is something forerunners. “But there’s more:” She created a convergence, continues Julie Snyder, with her in the Time magazine, then are record ratings. There is an opportunistic strategy there, a good opportunism […] because she turned it into something very constructive. For better, but also for worse. The controversy surrounding his homosexuality will indeed be good for the show.

Dory, the great comeback


scene of Finding Nemo

After he disappears from the set, it is with Dory’s understudy (Finding Nemo), a few years later, that Ellen DeGeneres “rebuilt” herself and most importantly made her big public comeback. A contract that he has been working on for no less than three years. “Ellen DeGeneres told me in an interview that she looked a bit like Dory, a bit confused, Julie Snyder recalls. But it’s still unbelievable that it was a fish that brought her back to Hollywood! “During the interview, the American presenter also returned to this difficult period leading up to this great return, tackling his shame and his depression head-on.

The trip to Rwanda with the gorillas

Since 2003, Ellen DeGeneres presents her show of the same name, with the resounding success that we know (despite the turmoil of recent years). Among other key moments, Julie Snyder retains these. It was four years ago. For her 60th birthday, Portia de Rossi, wife of Ellen DeGeneres, made a surprising raid on her set to offer her an unusual gift: a trip to Rwanda to see the gorillas, and most importantly a foundation in her name (the Ellen DeGeneres) nature fund). A key moment, according to Julie Snyder, because he alone embodies many aspects of the character: “It’s just beautiful, it’s a gift from his wife, as a tribute to his idol, Dian Fossey. […] And then I really like animals. To know that his idol is Dian Fossey [NDLR : célèbre primatologue américaine], it makes us aware of environmental protection. Her, her dream is not to go to a castle in Spain […], but to go see the gorillas. It’s really fun as a dream, it’s inspiring! And the vegetarian in me is happy! †

The bottom of the interview

Julie Snyder will remember it for a long time. It was in June 2019, at Warner’s studios, in California. “The Ellen DeGeneres offices are next door to Clint Eastwood’s, it’s really impressive! But don’t come in there who will. “It’s quite military,” she laughs. It’s almost more complicated than entering Lebanon! Very structured and formatted. That said, “we were treated very, very well,” first taking her through a dressing room (filled with photos of the host with several of her star guests, aka “the whole world!”) and then a trailer, before finally arriving on set. We can hardly imagine the stress. “I, I threw up my stress,” she recalls, still laughing. “But in the end it went really well. She was super funny, super generous. †

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