Always wear women’s sneakers! Our best fashion tips to apply this spring-summer

Today, the alternative to opt for comfortable shoes, regardless of the chosen style of clothing, is seducing more and more women of all ages! Thanks to the constant evolution of trends, we now have the opportunity to combine our fashion pieces as we see fit without obeying certain rules or prejudices. And do you know what our favorite contemporary trend is? Always wear women’s sneakers! If, like us, you’ve already fallen in love with sneakers, don’t wait any longer to check out our easy guide to using them in 1001 different ways.

A universal choice that adapts to any outfit

The pleated skirt is a star piece of the current season. Our editors have already shown you which shoes you can match it with. It is not surprising that sports shoes are at the top of the rankings. Are you wondering how to achieve your chic and girly look by combining these 2 elements? Start by choosing a flashy colored skirt. Mustard yellow, fuchsia pink or coral are fantastic variations. To rock the look, wear a top and sneakers in the same neutral color (like white).

Coquettish view in complete harmony with the sunny weather

white t-shirt with sneakers and a pleated skirt

Oversized jeans and sneakers for street style

For the chilly spring days, there’s nothing better than putting on your favorite oversized jeans, right? A crop-top sweatshirt or a short jacket with a metallic effect, for example, will be the top complement to this simple street outfit. White sneakers are the finishing touch to achieve a super cool result in a few minutes.

Look bad girl in under 60 seconds

oversized mom jeans metallic pink belt jacket accessory

Short high-waisted skirt and blouse – feminine look from clichés

A second excellent alternative for skirt-loving fashionistas is to wear short, high-waisted sneakers. The duo of pink skirt and denim shirt is a very popular option in the spring. To perfect her feminine look, of course, we play with trendy accessories such as mirrored sunglasses and sneakers!

Denim top and pastel skirt: the perfect combination for a successful spring look

high waist button skirt pastel pink color beige handbag

Wear women’s sneakers with an effect sleeve top

Tops with effect sleeves have been an integral part of our wardrobes for a few years now. We especially love them for their ability to boost any outfit, even the simplest and monotonous. In this spirit, here is an idea for a spring outfit to put together easily:

  • ripped jeans
  • short puff sleeve top
  • a pair of sneakers
  • a trendy handbag and glasses.

4 trendy elements that make up this ultra-chic and modern outfit

ladies hole jeans pink and white sneakers dark blue top

Flashy suit – glam vision of spring

Like every year, from the first rays of the spring sun, we can’t wait to put on our most colorful clothes. Bright tones are a must-have trend for this time of year. Therefore, if you are betting on an elegant look that stands out, it is an option to opt for a suit in a flamboyant shade. Want to take your fashion experiments even further? Succumb to the color blocking technique by adding a few accessories in another explosive shade.

The flashy suit and the color-block technique: our favorites for this spring

women's suit set fuschia pink sunglasses yellow frame

Basic clothes and neutral colors – everyday clothes

Hello to everyone who considers neutral and earthy tones to be your best allies. We have not forgotten you! So, since it’s usually the basics that come in such shades, it’s too likely that you’ll succeed in your outfit without any help. An oversized shirt in flowing, high-waisted trousers and the must-have beige jacket this season is the perfect trio for days when the weather is not so nice. Ah yes, instead of boots we opt for a pair of sports shoes (preferably in white).

Harmonious mix of comfort and style with basics

high waist pants blue shirt long coat long scarf

Faux leather jacket and flowing trousers

Faux leather is one of the key materials for Spring 2022. We’re adopting it in its full form and the faux leather jacket remains one of the most popular options. So, for days when you’re in a rush but don’t want to sacrifice style, here’s an easy outfit idea:

  • high-waisted flowing trousers in a neutral color (e.g. brown)
  • a black polo shirt
  • a black faux leather jacket
  • White sneakers.

This year we are succumbing to the aid of wearing faux leather more than ever

brown high waisted pants black faux leather jacket black blouse

Denim dress and jacket – spring look

Who says spring-summer season, says a fairy tale of dresses in different colors and sizes. Among them, the short dress with floral pattern is one of the most favorite and versatile models. How do you wear it during a day in the city or in nature? With an oversized denim jacket and white sneakers. Trendy glasses are a bonus addition.

Oversized denim jacket with floral summer dress? Definitely yes, yes!

oversized denim jacket wear sneakers with a dress

Elegant ladies suit

Gone are the days when wearing a sophisticated suit was only possible when paired with an elegant pair of shoes. The formal dress style is currently being completely modernized and adapted to the whims of modern times. So we feel very comfortable to combine his fancy suit with his favorite sneakers. To stay within the framework of a classy look, it is important to combine the colors well in your outfit and not to mix more than 3 different shades.

How do you dress well and stay elegant even with a pair of white sneakers?

wear sneakers at 50 with a chic light gray flowing pantsuit

Ripped Jeans – Messy Comfortable Style

Jeans are one of those materials that never go out of style. In addition, it naturally adapts to any style. Appreciated for its look that is both comfortable and chic, it is a pleasure to integrate it into these spring outfits. The combination of white and denim is, as always, one of the hits of the season. To adopt it, nothing is easier than to opt for trousers and a denim jacket, which match a t-shirt and white sneakers.

Denim and white: the combo you can’t miss this spring-summer

denim jacket pair of ripped jeans white tank top

Satin set – effortlessly chic

Sets are very popular at the moment. And while the sporty sets offer us absolute comfort, the 2-piece combos made of refined material are ideal for showing off your feminine body without investing too much time in creating your outfit of the day. An elegant and chic suit in satin, pastel color and floral patterns will be a perfect solution for a spring outfit that is completely on trend. As always, it is important here to choose neutral accessories that harmonize your look.

Combine extravagant clothing with basic and neutral accessories

women's set floral pattern pants black top white flat shoes

Tulle skirt – contemporary princess

Because we see things not in black and white but in a spell of infinite colors, the modern woman likes to experiment with daring and unconventional combinations. Such an unexpected wedding that is increasingly conquering our female hearts is the duo of tutu skirt and white sneakers. Enough for a contemporary princess look that breaks the clichés and isn’t afraid to express her vivacious personality!

We won’t even hesitate to wear her tutu skirt with her favorite pair of shoes

white sneakers red tutu skirt black handbag

Sporty long dress – athleisure outfit

Sportswear has really made its way into our wardrobes to add a touch of comfort and confidence to our everyday outfits. Thus, the sporty long dress presents itself as another item of clothing that attracts our interest, especially on the eve of the most beautiful season of the year.

Idea for a casual chic look in a long flowing dress and sneakers

women's sneakers long split dress sportswear

Ultra popular trio: blazer, jeans and white sneakers

how to wear jeans with white sneakers and dark blazer for women

Elegant contrast game in this totally black outfit with white accent

total look black street style women outfit with white shoes

The rule of three colors is our best ally for a successful outfit, no matter the occasion.

red pants black crop top spring trend women's fashion

Wear a blazer with sneakers

gray dress style women's trousers oversized blazer capeline

Beautiful summer outfit in red with white shoes

playsuit red color white sneakers woman mirror sunglasses

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