8 big wedding trends in 2022

colorful tops

If weddings have been dominated by pale and neutral tones in recent years, 2022 will mark the great return of vibrant and bold colors. In fact, according to Etsy, this trend is one of the most significant of the year, with searches for colorful wedding items, from invitations to bouquets and table decorations, up more than 300% in the past three months. The chance for the newlyweds to unleash their personality!

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More inclusive marriages

The popularity of searches for non-binary wedding attire, gay wedding attire and queer marriages is on the rise, with more and more LGBTQ+ couples celebrating their romance with ceremonies that reflect them. This is a step forward to celebrate!


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More varied ceremonies

Data from Pinterest shows that of the 100 trends identified in the wedding industry this year, a whopping 45% are related to different cultures and religions. Sumptuous Indian haldi decorations, traditional Chinese wedding dresses and modern African wedding outfits thus benefit from a great enthusiasm on the part of the cultural communities involved.


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The “Regencycore” style

With the release of the new season of the popular series Bridgerton, the appeal for Regency-style weddings is undeniable. Remember that the trend combines 19th century elegance, timeless romance and luxury of yesteryear. Make way for pastel shades, old-fashioned floral arrangements, copper accessories, calligraphy… Bridal gloves (+121%), dresses with puff sleeves (+93%) and beaded veils (+98%) are indispensable in fashion.


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The return of the short dress

Another source of inspiration: the look of the 60s. According to Etsy, searches for short wedding dresses are up 29% this year and A-line dresses are up 22%. These cuts lend themselves particularly well to more casual ceremonies, for brides with an unconventional style… not to mention that you can dance freely until the end of the night!


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Black is the new white

If white is still associated with marriage in the collective imagination, in recent years we have seen a few celebrities stand out wearing ebony dresses, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Bell or more recently Christine Quinn. Now you don’t have to be a star to take the plunge: according to Pinterest, black wedding dresses are ten times more popular this year and are associated with gothic decors and dark cakes. Why not?


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Good for the planet

As we know, Millennials and Generation Z are very committed to the environment. These eco-responsible concerns are reflected in the organization of their wedding: On Pinterest, searches for reusing a wedding dress or hosting an ecological ceremony have doubled. As for the guests, more and more of them are offering a lasting gift to the bride and groom, such as a wedding keepsake box.

Enchanted Forest

Speaking of nature, more and more couples are inspired by the forest to say “yes” to each other. If an open space in the undergrowth is certainly ideal, it is also possible to create a rural and authentic atmosphere in a more traditional setting. In terms of decoration, we prefer a palette of sober shades of green, white and brown, as well as natural materials, such as moss, tree trunks, foliage and white flowers. Not to mention the candle lighting!

Let the party begin!

Main photo: Etsy/ (black and white bride), Etsy/ (gloves) and Pinterest/Getty Images/753288417 (black dress)

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