Sharing and discoveries under the great top: the circus of Bostok settles in the Clos district, in Chartres

Children’s laughter can be heard under this red marquee with golden details. But today is Tuesday and it is not the holiday. Installed on the Place du Mail, in the Clos district, in Chartres, the equipment should not be missing. Inside, darkness. Just a few blue LEDs illuminate the red circular carpet on which about twenty children are doing circus exercises. They will integrate the circus school until June 5.

“This project was launched by the Henri-IV school group,” begins Céline Prier, the director of the kindergarten. “I contacted the circus in Bostok at the beginning of this year so that it could settle in the area and give circus lessons to fourteen primary school classes, eight kindergarten classes and all the little ones in the crèche at Les Lutins. †

10 years is something to celebrate

Since 1 May, the Clos district has been living at the time of the circus school. “Each class takes part in a week of initiation into the art of the circus. Two groups of kindergartens train in the morning, two groups of primary education in the afternoon, so that everyone benefits,’ says Céline Prier.

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The Bostok circus has been run by the Dumas family for five generations. Ludovic, Patricia, Brayan, Dany and his wife Ilana teach children to stand upright on a trapeze, find their balance on a ball, climb on the shoulders of their circus teacher or become an apprentice tightrope walker.

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“We are used to working with schools. We really enjoy this contact with children to give them the keys, the basis of our profession. And then, when we see them impatient, smiling on their lips, before trying a new acrobatic trick, that’s exceptional. It is for these moments that we wanted to be a circus school in addition to our professional performances”, surprised Ilana, the specialist in aerial acts.

The arrival of the Bostok circus is a gift from the Henri-IV school group to the students and their families. On September 3, 2020, the school celebrated its 10th anniversary. “We wanted to celebrate the occasion. But with health restrictions and between two incarcerations, we couldn’t. In 2021 it was still too fair. This year is our gift here,” explains the director of the establishment proudly.

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The circus has a multidisciplinary scope: “It brings together the concepts of culture, art and sport. The pupils of the Henri-IV school group had already heard about it in class: “Through the books they discovered this universe, which, thanks to this project, becomes concrete for them. It is an activity that appeals to young and old, it is exactly what we were looking for. †

The aim of the Bostok circus is to bring the whole neighborhood together around the same event and make connections. “In addition to giving the children a good time, we wanted to bring the entire Clos district to life, illuminate it and show that beautiful things are happening here too”, says Céline enthusiastically.

Make connections between residents and “bring the neighborhood to life”

The Henri-IV school group wants to reach everyone who makes the life of this district. That is, its inhabitants. “That is why on Tuesday all local residents are invited to the tent to see a performance of the Dumas family. On Friday evenings they can see those of the children of the school. †

From the start, Céline Prier felt the bet had been won: “From May 1, when the Bostok circus set up its tent in the square, families came to see what was going on. They were delighted. †

The various activities around the circus were supported by the Citizens’ Council and were fully financed, for an amount of € 22,000, by the agglomeration of Chartres and the state, because the Henri-IV school group is located in an educational zone. priority (Zep) .

Céline Prier concludes: “It is a promising project and a great adventure. Children and residents of Les Clos will have fond memories of it. †

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