Local elected officials attacking Paris, seeing USON friends, fathers and sons… Our indiscretions of the week

During the city council debate on the phasing out of public services on Wednesday, the mayor of Decize, Justine Guyot, recalled the measures launched by the government: “Announcements are made regularly, but the problem is that there is no funding for Lok them in the trap. It’s nonsense! This is the case for the “Small towns of tomorrow” scheme, for which Decize and Saint-Léger-des-Vignes were selected. If this would make it possible to hire a project manager to lead projects, we would not be able to execute them. No financing is planned. These are just announcement effects. We can clearly see that we are in a communication society.”

Rockabylette, it’s over

After two years without a festival due to the health crisis, be it in Luzy or Autun, Rockabylette will not be reborn. The organizers announced it with regret. The association is dissolved. Unfortunately !

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Draw me… a playground in Cercy-la-Tour

An original initiative in Cercy-la-Tour: the municipality also invites the children of the city, teenagers and adults to participate concretely in a project. How ? Through drawing! A playground will be added to the campsite and the swimming pool. The little ones are invited to create the playground of their dreams on paper, based on a plan in the municipal magazine.

Aperitifs with “VIEW” in La Charité-sur-Loire

For the fiftieth anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, nine sites in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté offer, every Friday evening in June, a discovery of their “VIEW”, exceptional universal value, around regional tastings. Thus, in La Charité-sur-Loire, participants can enjoy this essential stage of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, sitting on the ramparts to decipher the landscapes at dusk or in the heart of the garden of Hafiz. For the taste buds: a glass of Côte-de-la-Charité and a picnic from Nivernais. Meeting on Friday 3, 10, 17 and 24 June, from 7.30 pm to 10 pm, €35 per person, by reservation at the Charitois tourism office.

All cries, the SOS of Fabien “Balavoine” Bazin

The chairman of the Department Council is used to press releases denouncing government health policies, such as when he was hit by the case of midwives. Fabien Bazin shot a new arrow on Friday with a text in which he denounces “the primacy of accounting dogma over health” at the top of the state. “Although this does not fall within its historical purview, the Department Council has decided to act to guarantee every Nivernais a real right to health,” he writes. “This is the ambition of the Health Nièvre plan for everyone. The foundation stone in the building: the creation of a Departmental Health Center. He also mentions a work session last week with the Regional Health Service, which seems to be bearing little fruit. “It is regrettable that the specifics of access to care in rural areas remain in the blind spot of too little voluntary health policy. He concludes with Balavoinian accents: “To this day, all cries, the SOS remain dead letters. However, it is urgent to intervene.”

Beautiful people in the spans of the Pré-Fleuri

Georges-Henri Colombe, Racing 92 player, who was loaned to Nevers in the 2017-18 season, came to cheer on his former USON partners during Thursday’s Pro D2 play-off against Carcassonne. He was joined by French international Ibrahim Diallo, who played with several Neversois during his hopeful years with Racing 92, most notably Léonard Paris or the hooker Issam Hamel, deciding the end of the game against USC. Next season, in the Hauts-de-Seine, he will be joined by the current captain of USON, Janick Tarrit, while Georges-Henri Colombe will wear the colors of La Rochelle.

The new season of La Maison

La Maison, in Nevers, will unveil its new season on Monday, May 30 at 7.30 pm. All culture lovers are invited to the main hall to discover the program from September 2022 to July 2023. trips around the world, surprises, creations , curiosities, a disco ball , a fly, a coyote, bicycles and joy”. Details will also be available in Le Journal du Center and on lejdc.fr.

Castle life in Meauce

Since the beginning of May, it is possible to fully rent out Château de Meauce on Airbnb. For €800 per night for fifteen beds, customers can treat themselves for a few hours in this fully restored building on the River Allier. The first customers are visibly won. Some even come from very far. For example, from Australia.

The challenge of the Cosnois Julien Philibert and Alexis Gaudet

Both members of the Union cosnoise sporty cycling, Julien Philibert and Alexis Gaudet, are preparing La Race Across France, which will take place from Saturday 18 to Tuesday 28 June. On the menu of the thousand kilometers of this event: Mont Saint-Michel, the Château de Chambord, the Alps and the highest cycling places, such as Mont Ventoux and the passes of Iseran, Colombière and Galibier.

A new album for Joseph d’Anvers

He always has plenty of projects going on, musically or not. Joseph d’Anvers will be the first to release an EP on Friday with the title 4 demo tracks. It contains four songs from his latest album, Doppelgänger. The originality lies in the fact that the songs on offer were recorded during the pre-productions of the album. They are all in piano voice, recorded live in the Ferber studio. This allows you to hear the songs as they were created. “I started from these demos,” explains the neversois artist, “to build, arrange and produce the final disc. Nothing has been modified or changed. It’s the raw, live takes that we hear there. This EP will be followed by a remix mini-album, which will be released at the end of June. With a reverse approach. There, the versions produced will be remixed, notably by Thousand, Leonard Lasry, Plaisir de France and Mario C., sound engineer of the Beastie Boys. To be continued…

Vincent Roca and his son rehearse in Nevers

Comedian Vincent Roca is a regular at the Aux quatre coins du mot festival, in La Charité-sur-Loire. He returns this year with his son Idriss for a performance on Thursday at noon. A show they are currently rehearsing in Nevers, in residence at Les Zaccros, Quai de Médine. They will not be the only father-son duo, because François and Valentin Morel will also be present. The four accomplices will even give a show together on Thursday at 2.30 pm.

2035 target for Les Settons

“Let’s Set 2035”, a strategy that almost sounds like a code name. In particular, it aims to rethink the tourist offer along the shores of this large lake of the Morvan. The study came back to the plans of the local actors to redesign the access, among other things, by designating three gateways: Montsauche, Moux and Planchez. Visitors would leave their vehicles there, the journey would then be made by a shuttle, which would constantly circulate to and around the lake. An ambitious development… and undoubtedly necessary.

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