Football: Against Servette, Sion should be afraid of himself


In order not to tremble, the Valais club needs a point in the Rhône derby this Sunday (4.30 pm). More than his opponent, he must fear his tendency to commit hara-kiri in front of his audience.

Sion scored 2-1 against Lausanne on Thursday evening, Gaëtan Karlen and striker Anto Grgic cheer.

Claudio De Capitani/freshfocus

If FC Sion closes its 2021-2022 season better than it started 10 months ago, the Walliser club will certainly start a new season in the highest class in a few weeks. On July 25, during the first day of the championship, Sion tripped over the carpet and lost 2-1 to Servette at home.

It is this scenario, which could turn against him, that he must avoid this Sunday at all costs. Even if Paolo Tramezzani’s defeated players were not necessarily play-offs – for that their defeat would have to be accompanied by a victory of Lucerne in Letzigrund, against the new champion – it would be better for them to, as far as possible, stop playing with fire…

Sion trembling until the last meeting of the exercise to ensure his maintenance in the Super League, the scenario is unfortunately well known. There is even a variant that condemns him to go through the play-off box like in the spring of 2021 against FC Thun. In that respect, nothing new under the Valais sun.

The Dizziness of the Abyss

In fact, we begin to wonder if Tourbillon doesn’t take evil pleasure in approaching the void to better feel the vertigo of an abyss that has always been touched, but so far has never become effective. Playing with emptiness, the visitor managed to do that on Thursday evening in La Tuilière in the second period against Lausanne before he was saved by a penalty out of nowhere.

Faced with his best enemy, who we can imagine landing on a spree that won’t make him any less dangerous, Sion, who is so prone to making auto goals, will have to be especially wary of himself. How will his players handle the nomination, knowing that one point would be enough for their luck?

On the one hand, settling for a draw would be too dangerous or even suicidal an option to be validated at kick-off. On the other hand, what can you expect from a team that often can’t win a game at home and that stays in a five-game run with no wins (one draw and four losses) for the crowd? The inevitable tension inherent in this type of stopping or doubling will necessarily be one of the data to be mastered.

few controversies

The context of this Rhone derby, unlike any before, is not the same depending on whether you’re from Wallis or Geneva. More anecdotal to Servette – do the “grenades” really have a vested interest in sinking Sion to perhaps only ensure Romandie’s presence in the Super League? -, the stake is especially important for its host, faced with a real false tension.

Their reunion arouses only limited interest. From one camp to another, we don’t provoke each other, we don’t challenge each other, we don’t light fires on social networks, or very little. As if everything is settled, you run ahead before the curtain goes down. In other times, the controversies would have merged… So no one tried very expediently to “transfer” the Valais Alain Geiger on the adjacent bench with the obvious aim of destabilizing the opponent.

Return to normality

Except for double accident, Sion will always be a Super League club at the end of the afternoon this Sunday. It remains to be seen if Paolo Tramezzani will still be the coach when he resumes. Leaving aside the future of the Transalpine on the Wallis bench, the other question that takes precedence is the place the club wants to assign itself on the future map of Swiss football. After years of circus and drifts, it would be time for him to change registers and consider doing more serene, less rowdy exercises. Which, in advance, presupposes finding (if not discovering…) a normality that never had the right to quote durably in the Porte d’Octodure.

But Christian Constantin, chilled by the episodes Gelson Fernandes (departure to FIFA) and Massimo Cosentino (arriving at Inter Milan’s Tourbillon to better leave), does he really want it? The planned arrival of Pablo Iglesias should take FC Sion into a new era: that of fantasized stability. But for that there is a job to be done, no matter how badly it has been done before.

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