New government: Blanquer, Schiappa, Bachelot… what are they going to do next?

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Several ministers from Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term were not reappointed to Emmanuel Macron’s government. What are they going to do now?

There are ministers who keep their posts – Bruno Le Maire at Economy, Gérald Darmanin at the Interior or Eric Dupont-Moretti at Justice, for example – the surprises of the new government – Pap Ndiaye at National Education, Rima Abdul-Malak at Culture or Catherine Colonna in Foreign Affairs – and the ministers who have packed their bags.

Several ministers have not been retained in the new government of Elisabeth Borne: Jean-Yves Le Drian the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Florence Parly the Minister of the Armed Forces, Jean-Michel Blanquer the Minister of National Education, Julien Denormandie the Minister of Agriculture, Jean- Baptiste Djebbari the Minister of Transport, Marlène Schiappa the Minister Delegate for Citizenship or Barbara Pompili the Minister for Ecological Transition.

Afflicted or desired, this departure will lead these former ministers to give their professional lives a new direction. Do we know what they’re going to do now?

Jean-Michel Blanquer

Jean-Michel Blanquer had not hidden his suspected departure. His successor, the French-Senegalese historian Pap Ndiaye, is the surprise of the new government. Jean-Michel Blanquer is the longest-serving minister. Ex-rector, ex-director-general of school education, his career did not prevent the challenge of the teachers’ unions. While Pap Ndiaye will have to manage the place of math in high school as a priority, Jean-Michel Blanquer throws himself into the race for the parliamentary elections. He is a candidate in the Loiret in the Montargis constituency, which Marine Le Pen had a majority in the presidential election. A conversion that looks like a poisoned gift.

Roselyne Bachelot

Roselyne Bachelot joined Jean Castex’s government in 2020, eight years after leaving politics. She had accepted because the Ministry of Culture “cannot refuse it”. At the age of 75, she is said to have continued her position at the Ministry of Culture, which had to do more to manage the impact of the health crisis on the cultural community. She makes way for President Rima Abdul-Malak’s culture and communication adviser. Roselyne Bachelot has not announced what her future will be.

Jean-Yves le Drian

Breton, 74, served in government for ten years, first under François Hollande at Defense and then alongside Emmanuel Macron to lead French diplomacy. Jean-Yves Le Drian did not comment on his departure. On the occasion of the handover, he will speak with his successor, Catherine Colonna, this Saturday afternoon at the Quai d’Orsay. As explained West France, Jean-Yves Le Drian had expressed a wish a few months ago to end his career in the service of the state with the end of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term. Deputy Mayor of Lorient, President of the Brittany Region: Jean-Yves le Drian has a political career spanning more than 40 years. The hour of retirement has undoubtedly arrived.

Florence Parly

The Minister of the Armed Forces had to relinquish her chair to Sébastien Lecornu. She took over as Sylvie Goulard’s replacement in 2017, one month after her appointment. She seemed to expect this departure from the government. “Yb cycle ends,” she had remarked in Le Figaro the beginning of May. “It is good that there is a little new blood. It must be said that for five years she has chained 200 defense lawyers and 538 trips. “She could not do her job or leave without regrets,” our colleagues wrote in early May Discreet, serious , former company director (Air France, SNCF), Florence Parky has no ambition to pursue a political career.

Julien Denormandie

His name has been mentioned for Matignon since the re-election of Emmanuel Macron. Lotois, 42, who has been agriculture minister since 2020, is neither prime minister nor minister. He wanted to spend time with his family: his wife and four children. For them he wants to reserve “most of (his) energy”, he wrote on Twitter in a post titled “new chapter”. “It’s the choice of the heart: I’ve missed my family too much and I’ve missed them too much,” says Julien Denormandie. Faithful from Emmanuel Macron’s inception, Julien Denormandie is a bridge, water and forest engineer. Before entering politics, he was about to join an Axa business incubator.

Marlene Schiappa

“The President is very pleased with your work since day one, with your loyalty, with your fighting spirit.” With these words, the Secretary General of the Elysée Alexis Kohler began his appeal to Marlène Schiappa, according to the Parisian† Before telling her she wouldn’t be in the next government. Secretary of State for Gender Equality and Minister Delegate for Citizenship, Marlène Schiappa has been with Emmanuel Macron since 2017. She summarized her action in a long message on Instagram. Rumors announce her as presenter on C8 at the beginning of the school year which Marlène Schiappa denied. Cyril Hanouna, figure of C8, announced on Friday evening that talks have taken place. “We talked about the future. I told her my wish to make her television and radio because I think she was made for that. We never went into details. I just said what she liked about TV, that she likes testimonials loved, shows that help people.

Jean Baptiste Djebbari

Even before the announcement of the new government, Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebarri announced his conversion to the private sector. He will join the board of directors of Hopium, the first French manufacturer of high-end hydrogen vehicles. Before joining the government in 2019, Jean-Baptiste Djebari was a pilot and manager of business airlines. He is a graduate of the Enac (National School of Civil Aviation in Toulouse) and the Polytechnic School.

Barbara Pompili

She had managed to intrude on Macronie by embodying the environmental movement. While the ecological transition is a priority of Emmanuel Macron, Barbara Pompili has not been renewed in the new government. It was she who carried the climate law after the citizens’ convention. At the age of 46, she stands in the parliamentary elections in the Somme with the support of the presidential majority. She also leads “In Common”, a small party of the majority left wing.

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