Ligue 1. Brest – Girondins de Bordeaux: May 21, 2022, Ligue 2 by winning

So in the end he will have missed two points to Josuha Guilavogui and his team-mates, winners (2-4) but last with the lowest number of victories for the club in the post-war period (6), for a block postponement. As expected, Metz was crushed by Paris SG and M’Bappé (5-0). And so it is Saint-Etienne who, by taking the extremis of Nantes his … second point in the last six days, has the possibility of becoming the worst saved in the history of the L1 with 20 clubs (32 points), if he manages to dominate Auxerre next week.

In the wake of an Ignatenko-Guilavogui midfielder who was sadly discovered too late and a Sekou Mara who scored 5 in vain in the last 6 matches, the Bordelais will have managed to remain dignified if not quite dreaming of an improbable tip. This would have required making better use of the advantages taken in the first half. Twice they led. Twice they immediately joined, punished by the deficiencies in a defense which therefore ended with 91 goals, the highest score in the top division since the 108 by Troyes in 1961. Knowing that the offense scored it as much as Nice, 5th and European , the imbalance, which neither Vladimir Petkovic nor David Guion will have resolved, is not difficult to identify.

Missed opportunities

There were no real tears this Saturday, despite staring into space on the way back and leaving the locker room. The big disappointment is that these Girondins were ultimately never able to place themselves in a team configuration to fight for maintenance, during ten months that will no doubt be definitively turned around with the defeat to Troyes on March 6 (0-2 ). The most ardent will then find without worry the many opportunities where the missing units have escaped, from Montpellier (0-2) to Saint-Etienne (2-2) via Nantes (5-3) and especially Lorient.

Knowing that the attack scored as much as Nice, 5th, the imbalance is quickly found

While the players go on vacation without going back to the Haillan box, the page must now be turned without being forgotten. The leaders and the team Jogo Bonito (club owner) – Fortress – King Street (creditors and shareholders) have not waited to start working on the sequel and content of the competition that will occupy them for the next three weeks. Around 20 million needed for the DNCG to validate the Ligue 2 plan.

Anticipating the “inevitable relegation”, the chairman and majority shareholder Gérard Lopez, who was not present at the stadium, had sent a statement an hour before kick-off. The businessman recalls the context of his arrival in the landscape a year ago at a club on the brink of receivership, not without a minor tackle on the other candidates for the takeover. “I have always wanted this project to remain open to anyone who would like to work with me, but unfortunately no other potential partner has been able to provide the necessary funding. †

July 30, if all goes well

In his statement, the former Lille boss is making amends – “we made mistakes, I made mistakes” and vows to “understand what hasn’t worked this season, and the changes we need to make.”

Above all, it reaffirms its will to remain alongside King Street and Fortress, to whom the demotion legally grants extended powers (forced sale, early redemption, appointment of the chairman and managing director). “A board of directors made it possible on Thursday to lay down the outlines of this project. We will implement it in consultation with the club’s stakeholders, and primarily with the employee representatives, but also with the professional football supervisory bodies that have been supporting the rescue project since last summer. I will shortly go into more detail about the main features of this project. In addition to the sadness and disappointment that I understand and share, it is time to mobilize all of us for a project that is beyond us: to save the club. †

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