Despite losses, Dubois and Gosselin remain loyal to the Ottawa Redblacks

Despite these failures, the two footballers thirsty for victories have never questioned their attachment and loyalty to the Rouge et Noir as they both signed one-year contracts for the 2022 season.

For Marco Dubois, the main reason to continue to thrive within the special teams was the play phase supervised by Bob Dyce in Ottawa.

If I get along well with him, I’ll be fine on the field. I understand his system, we are on the same wavelength so it was normal to stay with the teamexplained the central defender.

Marco Dubois (89) and Anthony Gosselin (right) both play central defenders (archive).

Photo: Ottawa Redblacks

As for Anthony Gosselin, who plays in the same position, he feels indebted to the organization that has enabled him to make a living from the oval ball. For me it was clear to keep making progress together with the teamdropped from the start the one who came to Ottawa a year earlier than his teammate and friend.

Marco and I looked at each other and said to each other: ”Are we giving ourselves another season together?” We love the team and the facilities. It was natural.

A quote from Anthony Gosselin, centre-back, Ottawa Redblacks

In his own words, Marco Dubois thinks he should be used more when the attacking unit is on the field. Before putting his name at the bottom of the contract, he worked with his head coach, Paul LaPolice, to ensure that he was open to taking more of his services.

LCF, il n’y a pas beaucoup de gars aussi hybrides que moi. J’ai le physique pour bloquer avec les gros gars sur la ligne offensive et pour faire les tracés avec les receveurs.”,”text”:”De ce que j’en comprends, c’est à moi de développer davantage mes qualités de receveur. Sans prétention, dans la LCF, il n’y a pas beaucoup de gars aussi hybrides que moi. J’ai le physique pour bloquer avec les gros gars sur la ligne offensive et pour faire les tracés avec les receveurs.”}}”>As far as I understand it is up to me to further develop my qualities as a receiver. Unpretentious, in the energy saving lamps, there are not many guys as hybrid as me. I’ve got the physique to block with the big boys on the offensive line and make routes with the receivers.

A reconstruction, new faces

The rebuilding of the Ottawa Redblacks is in the hands of new CEO Shawn Burke. Little known to the general public, this shadow worker who spent fifteen years with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats is slowly beginning to make his mark on the organization.

Shawn Burke, photographed in winter, in front of an empty TD Place.

In Ottawa, Shawn Burke gets the chance to build a team in his image (archives).

Photo: Ottawa Redblacks

At the start of the week, he said goodbye to two Quebec football men, Jean-Marc Edmé and Pierre-Yves Lavergne, who were quickly hired by the Montreal Alouettes.

These are two people that I very much held in my heart. I was with them for five years. It hurt me to see them go but I’m glad they found a new job with the Alouettesadmitted Anthony Gosselin, a former color holder of the University of Sherbrooke’s Vert et Or.

These are people pushing to fish me out. It will create a void, because they were really people to me. I got on well with them. I wasn’t surprised to see them hired quickly as they are super skilledadded Marco Dubois, winner of a Vanier Cup with the Laval University Rouge et Or in 2016, a victory that he immortalized with a tattoo on his left arm.

Four soccer players pose together.

Four members of the French mafia Rouge et Noir: Clément Lebreux, Jordan Beaulieu, Anthony Gosselin and Marco Dubois (archives).

Photo: Ottawa Redblacks

Francophobic Comments: A Situation Taken Seriously

In addition to defeats on the pitch, Rouge et Noir’s 2021 season was marked by linguistic controversy in the locker room.

At the beginning of November, the team pointed the way out to Charlie Eger, the running back coach, after he made Francophobic comments to Marco Dubois and Anthony Gosselin during a team meeting.

Eight French-speaking football players from the Ottawa Rouge et Noir.

French-speaking players are part of the DNA of Rouge et Noir (archives).

Photo: Ottawa Redblacks

Two months later, both players are grateful to the organization for taking the situation seriously. As soon as the head coach Paul LaPolice informed, he went to the residence of Marco Dubois, where Anthony Gosselin was also, to meet them.

Coach LaPolice nous a dit qu’il trouvait cela inacceptable et que ça ne cadrait pas avec sa mentalité”,”text”:”Ça a été super bien géré par l’organisation. Coach LaPolice nous a dit qu’il trouvait cela inacceptable et que ça ne cadrait pas avec sa mentalité”}}”>It was very well managed by the organization. coach The police told us he found it unacceptable and didn’t fit his mentalityexplains Anthony Gosselin.

LCF“,”text”:”Ce sont des propos qui n’ont pas leur place. Il faut éliminer ça, parce que sinon, ça devient banal, ça devient accepté, et c’est comme ça qu’on crée une culture qui n’est pas favorable aux francophones de l’organisation, à ceux qui vont jouer à Ottawa plus tard et à tous ceux de la LCF”}}”>These are words that have no place. We have to eliminate that, otherwise it becomes banal, it becomes accepted, and thus we create a culture that is not favorable for the French speakers in the organization, for those who will later play in Ottawa and for all those of the energy saving lampsadded Marco Dubois.

Adam Auclair and Jordan Beaulieu alongside head coach Paul LaPolice.

Head coach Paul LaPolice rose in prestige with Dubois and Gosselin for handling the controversy well (archives).

Photo: Ottawa Redblacks

The two men admit that had the situation been handled differently, they would have questioned their future within the Ottawa Redblacks. Now that that’s all settled, they’ve moved on, waiting for just one thing: the start of the 2022 season.

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