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By capitalizing on the popularity of NFTs on the one hand and the enthusiasm of the French public for football on the other, Sorare has developed an online game that hits the mark. The start-up has become a unicorn in record time!

Of all the French start-ups, Sorare is one of the most talked about. Coincidentally, Sorare completed a historic $680 million fundraising event on September 21, 2021, bringing the valuation to more than $4.3 billion. So it is a unicorn in itself – as a reminder, this term refers to young shoots (existing less than 10 years) that have exceeded a turnover of more than a billion euros.

A bit of history

The achievement was all the more remarkable because Sorare is a very young company. It was founded in September 2018 by two young Parisian entrepreneurs, Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort. Their big idea was to perceive that NFTs made it possible to transpose in the digital the people’s immemorial enthusiasm for collections of all kinds and their tendency to appreciate the rarest pieces. The name of the company sums up the challenge the founders have taken on: so rare means “so rare”. In fact, in this game, as in the global NFT marketbut also as in a collection of stamps orcars miniatures, the value is indeed in the rarity.

Furthermore, Julia and Montfort wanted to capitalize on the success of games of football that preceded it, such as Mon Petit Gazon or Fifa’s auction mode, but also those of the Panini cards that kids once loved. It also happens that the football audience is particularly important: as noted by a 2018 Ipsos Survey22 million French say they love football and 7 million consider themselves fans.

The Sorare platform even took off quickly and little by little big business angels wanted to financially support the adventure and among them, the boss of Free, Xavier Nielfootball players Antoine Griezmann, Gérard Piqué and André Schürrle, but also international funds such as Benchmark and Softbank.

What is the game about?

Sorare offers what is called a fantasy football game. The player registered on the Sorare platform composes teams of football cards that are all NFTs. The team must be composed in such a way that it can win the indicated matches. Therefore, from the cards that Sorare initially presented to him, the player must first of all strive to form the best possible team. From there, matched footballers will compete against each other in real matches. It is therefore usually necessary to wait a few days before you can see the real performance of the football players of his team.

The results obtained in real life yield points and the total of these points indicates the performance of the team we have assembled, gives rise to a ranking (among thousands of participants in the same event) and a possible reward. Some players on the Sorare platform even participate in as many events as possible to earn as many points as possible. In addition, missions are offered to the player to help improve his club’s score.

You have understood correctly, the points your football players get in Sorare indeed depend on their performance on the field, in real matches – so every week there are two chances to earn points because Sorare is based on competitions that take place between Friday and Tuesday, or between Tuesday and Friday. Obviously, this interplay between the game and real matches is one of Sorare’s herbs.

Some will say that there is nothing new under the Sun since Mon Petit Lawn already worked according to this principle. However, after matching each card to a NFT causes it to increase in value over time, either through the results of the football players on the field or through the efforts of the Sorare player who, through a training mode, can increase the rating of a particular card relatively.

The cryptocurrency aspect has been made transparent

From there, the Sorare player may be tempted to buy other cards, trade his own, as well as resell them. An interest may consist in betting on an unknown player today in the hope that he will shine in a few years.

The in-game currency is ETH (Ethereum). However, one of Sorare’s strengths is: for making the crypto aspect transparent† A football fan could very well participate in Sorare competitions without ever realizing that he is dealing with NFTs and cryptocurrency.

At the same time, a merchant could easily buy and collect cards to resell them. And it works very well: some cards run up to hundreds of thousands of euros. The record was reached with Erling Haaland’s card, the card of which sold for €600,000 in January 2022. And for your information, in early May 2022, the card linked to Mbappé was sold at auction for 153 ETH or €453,000.

1,111 cards each new season

Each seasonSorare issues new cards to his players:

  • 1 single card;
  • 10 cards super rare (blue);
  • 100 cards special (red);
  • 1000 cards Limited (yellow).

Of course, the rarer a card is, the more valuable it is. It should be noted that some rare cards are assigned to the corresponding player when he registers on the platform.

As he progresses, the player can take on increasingly important matches both at the European level and even worldwide with the Global All Stars.

A difficult position to destabilize

You might think that such a model is not immune to competition from a Microsoft or an Epic Games who would fight with great means. In reality, Sorare’s lead seems difficult to catch up. In fact, more than 150 clubs had officially licensed Sorare by May 2022, and according to the founders, new clubs from all over the world are joining the platform every week.

In addition, by February 2022, the game already had more than 1 million users, including 270,000 active. Furthermore, Sorare indicates that about a third of the playerssilver on this game. Between January and September 2021, $150 million was exchanged on the platform. And besides, Sorare’s growth has not escaped the French giant of the Ubisoft video game who announced an association for an NFT game, One Shot League, as early as March 2021. The cards obtained on Sorare can therefore be used in this other game and the model is expected to be imitated.

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