The right to abortion in jeopardy

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This week a theme: the right to abortionthat contesting the Supreme Court’s constitutional decision jeopardizes “Roe v. Wade,” in the United States. “Never forget that it only takes a political, economic or religious crisis to question the rights of women”confirmed Simone van Beauvoir† More broadly, these attacks by the most reactionary fringe of the United States against a major feminist advance testify to an illiberal questioning of the equality of all peoples, which is the foundation of democracies.

Camille Froidevaux-Metterie: “We must measure the magnitude of both the anthropological and political nature of this conquest of reproductive rights”

History has shown that the right to abortion is a feminist advancement of the first order. He even turns out to be a “democratic basis”moving forward Camille Froidevaux Metterie in Edition“Defending and consolidating the right to abortion is therefore much more than fighting to preserve a feminist conquest, it is supporting one of the pillars of democracy, or striving to establish it when it does not exist, as is the case in a majority of countries, even today.It is nothing less than guaranteeing women their condition as free and equal individuals.” No democracy without full and complete equality, no democracy without the right of women to freely dispose of their bodies. “Questioning the right to abortion deprives women of their physical autonomy, but it also means that they are denied the status of subjects of rights. †

Andrea Pető : “The illiberal challenge of reproductive rights is a political movement that opposes universal rights”

What are ‘pro-life’ activists aiming for outside of the abortion ban? Do they have a more global political project? Yes, says the Hungarian historian Andrea Pető in The world“The purpose of anti-abortion is to make a desirable offer to oppose liberal democracies. † The facts speak for themselves: “Around the world, attacks on reproductive rights are bringing together very different forces: conservative political movements, religious fundamentalists, illiberal pragmatists and the warmongers of Russian President Vladimir Putin. † The anti-abortion activists, who are trying to “illiberal legal element” in a “liberal justice system” part of the general thrust of illiberalism, both in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Amy Reed-Sandoval: “Abortion is also a migration problem”

Abortion is also a question of mobility, says the philosophy teacher Amy Reed Sandoval in MsMagazine “The Guttmacher Institute reported that in 2014, 90% of counties in the United States had no abortion clinics. And that 57% of women of childbearing age in the United States lived in states that were openly “hostile” to abortion care. † Result : “Pregnant women travel long distances and cross domestic and national borders to have abortions. † The situation will only get worse if the legal guarantee of abortion is called into question. Because, legal or not, women who want an abortion will continue to do so. And to bear the growing weight of border control and surveillance systems, “compulsion to move” that make abortion an even more painful ordeal than it already is.

Nancy S. Jecker: “Only by withdrawing from political and legal considerations and refocusing the debate on the ethical issue will Americans become aware of the real problem of abortion”

“What is a person? † That’s for the American philosopher who specializes in bioethics Nancy S. Jecker“the question on which we should be more interested in the debates on abortion”as she explains in The conversation† Three alternative answers can be suggested: 1) There is a person “from the moment of conception” 2) it begins to exist ” on a certain moment “ – which has yet to be determined – between his conception and his birth 3) she exists “from birth”† What if a company? “Can’t come to an agreement” about this subject ? Another way is possible, for Jecker: “Imagine the opponent’s views are correct”, and shows that even in this case the right to abortion remains. Because if the fetus is a person, so is its mother. “How should the conflict between the two be resolved? † If pregnancy threatens the life of the mother, abortion can be understood as: ” self defense “† But even if the mother’s life isn’t threatened, there’s nothing to confirm that “the right to life of the fetus takes precedence over the right of the pregnant woman to live her life as she pleases”† Other people’s right to life, in all other circumstances, never goes so far as to oblige us to give up the way we want to live our lives.

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