Football: what will the Napkin of tomorrow look like?


The Garnets, who are permanently retained in the Super League, have a duty to make plans for next season. And there are still many uncertainties.

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This time the page can really be turned. The “maintain” box is checked in the sports planning that Philippe Senderos has to do for his Servette FC. Garnet’s sports director now knows the construction site ahead: building the best possible squad for his coach Alain Geiger.

The task is not easy. Because between the presumed departure and the assumed departure, the end of contracts that have not yet been arranged and the heterogeneous level in certain positions, there is much to review. In addition, the grenade technician has never reminded him in recent days: “We need new blood,” he said on Thursday. Overview of the current workforce.

the gardeners

A priori, the summer should be calm in this position. Jérémy Frick, announced several times on departure in recent years, had ended last season with an extension. Engaged until 2024, he has now been Servetus’s captain since Anthony Sauthier’s departure in January. It is a base on which the Grenades can lean. The leader to go with.

In his wake, Edin Omeragic, 20 years old and trained at the club, claimed himself as its understudy. He was even entitled to a few games this season. He probably has another one in Zion on Sunday. For Steven Deana (32) the future is less clear. Arriving at number two last summer, he lost his place mainly through multiple consecutive injuries. He will never have played for Garnet and his contract expires on June 30. To see if he is the number three with whom Servette wants to join forces next season.


Two players have no contract, not least: Gaël Clichy and Vincent Sasso. These are also key elements in Servetian dynamics. With the latest news, no agreement had yet been reached. As you can imagine, Servette is reluctant to commit to either one for the long haul. Even though there are other elements that play a role for Clichy, especially with regard to the reconversion. The left side continues his training as a coach and it is clear that at almost 37 years of age, the reflection contains several entries. Even if he still proves that he is capable of continuing to play.

The rest of the defense frame remains connected to Servette. Right back Moussa Diallo has apparently activated an option automatically given the number of matches played. He is still under contract for another year, but could be tempted by a departure. With Moritz Bauer, who arrived unconvinced this winter as the only other true right-back, the grenade club must continue to think about the future of this position.

In addition, all defenders except Nicolas Vouilloz (2024) have a one-year lease. And not all of them had a season at the expected level, like Steve Rouiller. The latter remains a member of the group and nothing says that he can no longer reach his level of previous seasons. For Yoan Séverin, the question is more sensitive: does he not take the place of a youngster? In addition, the hopes Roggerio Nyakossi (age 18) and Diogo Monteiro (age 17) may very well have desires elsewhere, those who haven’t really had their chance.

The middle

Summer can be stressful in midfield. Kastriot Imeri’s departure has been promised. It should bring in a few million. That of Timothé Cognat has become clear for several weeks, since he announced his intentions to the club. It will also take an offer that is likely to convince the people of Geneva. But these could reinvest something. It remains to be seen how.

A rookie could soon point the finger at the Senegalese international M20 Samba Lélé Diba. He had been put to the test a few months ago and his midfielder profile (rather defensive) could be interesting. For the first team? Or first with the M21s? To be determined. But it can’t be the only arrival, it seems obvious. Above all, Geiger expects players with a bit more baggage.

The other regularly used environments (Antunes, Douline, Valls) are still under contract. As for Boris Cespedes, his lease officially expires this summer. But as for Diallo, an option was mentioned. Although the Bolivian international may be interested in a different challenge. To be continued.

The attack

We have to start with the essentials: Miroslav Stevanovic, the man with 20 assists, has a three-year contract left. The Bosnian may end his career in Garnet, and no one will complain. Chris Bédia, who was hired last winter, definitely needs to do more, but he can be a striker with whom Servette has plans. Even if, and Geiger said so, “a 9 is the priority”† Because neither Ronny Rodelin (under contract until 2023, with an optional year), nor Dimitri Oberlin (2024) have convinced so far.

In the meantime, Servette has a “de facto” rookie in recovery: Boubacar Fofana returns, he who has missed all season due to a serious knee injury. He recently resumed training and will continue it for a week longer than his teammates, in addition to the promises. To be ready for next season.

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