Football in Aveyron: Pierre Bourdet wants to “reconnect with success”

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On the eve of the meeting of the year for his district, President Pierre Bourdet resigns. Festive event, move to Millau, but also assessment of a grueling season marked by health and then vaccination passes or even acts of violence and accusations of racism, the 63-year-old leader did not dodge anything. Maintenance.

What do these Aveyron cup finals look like?

Very very good. We hope the weather will be nice, not a storm, because we wanted to make it very festive! And also integrate the development of women’s football through the U15 and U18 women’s finals, across eight teams that take place from 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm in the form of a “final four”. This is followed by the senior women’s final at 5:00 PM and the senior men’s final at 8:30 PM. It is clear that the challenge for us was to move. We couldn’t do it in Rodez, given the work on the Paul-Lignon stadium, so we had to build with the city and the club of Millau, both of whom I thank for their help. It’s a real football party like it happens every year, if it hasn’t been possible for two years because of the Covid. We hope to return to success. And success for us is the number of attendees. The clubs present in the final seem to be mobilizing a lot, the difference will now be with the South Aveyron and Millavois crowds who we hope will react.

Exactly, it was long believed that Millau men’s team leader of D1, promoted in R3 and eliminated in quarters, would play this appointment at home. Finally she’s not here…

No, it’s sports. A final with Millau could indeed have had some appeal, but sport meant that it was Olemps and Réquista who faced each other in the men’s. It’s also a nice poster. Last weekend they met in the league, for a match with goals, eventually 3-2 for Réquista. For us it is important to give a good image, so to have a good match, but also a festive moment, supporters, villages coming together. And behind our partners whom we invite with a special evening for them. This is the beautiful conclusion of Aveyron football in its ability to unite and bring people together.

The enthusiasm surrounding this ward cup is still a real hallmark of Aveyron. In addition, it is a first for your team that was elected at the end of December 2020. In short, everything is there to make a real fireworks display…

All the way ! hope there’s no storm for thislaughter† Mainly because there will also be a surprise, which in fact I cannot reveal here. I also want to pay tribute to my predecessors who knew how to build this success and develop this cup in such a way that it becomes an unmissable celebration and is remarkable for its importance compared to other districts.

What do you think this is about?

It’s like the Coupe de France, in which the clubs invest because they always want to play stronger than them, to measure themselves. For the Aveyron Cup, it is at the village level that this takes root. Everyone wants to reach this Grail, represented by this final. And I also honestly think that playing Paul-Lignon is a goal. I saw it in some of the comments from educators who told me this year that it was a shame it didn’t take place there. But it was not possible. And I guarantee you that we will be so well received in Millau, that it will also be a very nice party.

Olivier Nicolas, the elected official of sports at the town hall of Rodez (owner of Paul-Lignon), in the margins of explaining why his stadium would be inaccessible to you this year, had the possibility a few weeks ago that these finals could move around in the department. Can you picture it or is the return to Paul-Lignon when the work is done sacred?

The answer is simple: it’s like saying we’re shooting the Coupe de France final. No club would understand that. The fact that a professional club like Raf plays at Paul-Lignon, and even more so with the renovation of the stadium, also plays into the image it sends back. So the discussion is no longer there. Of course, when Paul-Lignon is ready, we’ll come back and stay there. This contributes to the success of this cut.

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