D-Day for the government, a social housing deputy, the failures of RN candidates

23 days before the first round of the parliamentary elections, France’s oldest deputy, Jérôme Lambert, is still being talked about. And the appointment of the new government is only a matter of hours.

26 days later

Better late than never: the government will be announced next Friday, May 20 in the afternoon, the Elysée announced this morning. The new team will meet on Monday for its first council of ministers, just three weeks before the first round of parliamentary elections on June 12 and 19. In the meantime, the handover ceremonies will take place in the ministries between the departing and the newcomers.

The sequel after the ad

“Obviously we’re not hanging out. I can assure you we’re working very closely on it.”, said Elisabeth Borne on Thursday, under pressure from journalists. Also questioned about the deadlines, Emmanuel Macron, for his part, emphasized that the formation of a government is required “time, substantive exchanges (…) so as much time as useful and necessary”

Abad slams the door

He wanted to clarify things, it’s done. The boss of the LR deputies has left the chairmanship of the LR deputies and is on leave from the party, as he announced to the “Figaro” on Thursday evening, which Christian Jacob had also asked him to do. Damien Abad explains to our colleagues that he doesn’t” recognizes more in the approach of LR » and regrets that « some in our family make Emmanuel Macron the number one opponent The vagueness that Damien Abad maintained for days was considered too close to macronia and annoyed within the party. With the “Figaro”, the deputy wisely dodged the question of a possible rally within the government of Borne: ” I have no comment on the composition of the government “. Judge tonight.

A substitute in social housing

For him there is “nothing morally shocking”† For the others, on the other hand… The deputy Jérôme Lambert, a former socialist sacked by the Nupes and a dissident candidate in the parliamentary elections, was chosen by the mediapart research site for having lived for twenty years in social housing of 95 m22 in Paris, with a rental price of 1,114 euros per month including costs, well below the market. According to Mediapart estimates, the same property would rent about 2,300 euros per month on the private market.

Jérôme Lambert, against marriage for all and PMA, will not be invested by the PS in the parliamentary elections

Questioned by the investigative media, the sheriff’s deputy said he was leaving his apartment “end of June”. Before you defend yourself in an incredible way: “You know, the rent in Paris is still something. MP Compensation Matters [7 239,91 euros brut par mois, NDLR] but not sufficient for housing above that rent, except to stay in the General Assembly or in the hotel. †

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Two solutions that he did not like: “When you have your thirty-year life somewhere, you don’t want to go to the hotel or to the Assembly,” he justified and explained that the nights would be paid with tax money.

La Nupes reveals its program

In a much-anticipated press conference, members of the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) set out the 650 measures of their joint program for the parliamentary elections. The proposals, presented by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, are grouped into eight major thematic chapters: from ” social development “ come “ecology, wealth sharing, public services, the VIand Republic, security, the fight against discrimination” or ” the European Union “.

Behind the scenes of the Nupes: The secret story of an unprecedented left-wing union

Among the key measures elaborated by Nupes’ key officials: “the increase of the minimum wage to 1,500 euros”“local police with sufficient human resources interweaving the entire national territory” or “the extremely ambitious target of reducing greenhouse gases by 65% ​​by 2030, beyond what the European Commission is proposing”. But “unity is not a fusion”underlined the leader of La France insoumise, which counts 33 measures of the program “that are in shades”† This represents “5% of total” measures, he added in the presence of Julien Bayou and Olivier Faure, the bosses of Europe Ecologie-Les Verts and the Socialist Party. Fabien Roussel, he dried the family photo.

Mélenchon is ironic about the burkinis

After the presentation of the Nupes program, Jean-Luc Mélenchon was questioned about the permission to wear the burkini in the municipal swimming pools of Grenoble, the city of ecologist-mayor Eric Piolle. A controversy swept away by LFI’s leader: “I am not a candidate to become prime minister of swimming pools”he explained. A reaction perhaps to Marine Le Pen who criticized France Inter on Wednesday “Burkini deputies” de la Nupes, himself described as “Burkini Coalition”

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Delga plays the independent rebel

After Carole Delga showed her opposition to the agreement linking the Socialist Party to the “rebels” within the Nupes, Carole Delga released the slap machine on RTL for all those she had previously spared. First Anne Hidalgo’s heavy defeat, which she explains by a lack of work within her party. Then the “betrayal” by François Rebsamen, Marisol Touraine or Manuel Valls who turned their backs by supporting Emmanuel Macron. “The French don’t want it anymore. The aversion they have for politics is all this betrayal.”she took it.

The “non-nationals”, these socialists revolted through an alliance with Jean-Luc Mélenchon

And then finally the unrestrained poaching of the re-elected president. If the name of the president of the Occitanie region had appeared in the casting of “Prime Ministers”she confirmed she would reply ” no “ if he was offered a ministerial position. “I am not for sale”she concluded. After proposing her own candidates for the parliamentary elections, Carole Delga plays the eternal defender of ” the left side of reality”. At the risk of being alone?

Schiappa wants to join C8

Instead of the legislative, Marlène Schiappa would strive for another reconversion. Occasional participant in Cyril Hanouna’s broadcasts, this time the outgoing Minister-deputy for citizenship could be hired at the start of the school year by C8, the free channel of the Canal+ group. According to information from “Figaro”, she would like nothing more than to be in charge of her own TV show. In fact, she already has several program concepts in mind, including a testimonial show where she would look at women’s problems and how to solve them, like an Oprah Winfrey from TNT.

Clémentine Autain vs Marlène Schiappa: Attempted dialogue between two irreconcilable camps

Marlène Schiappa is said to have submitted several projects, most notably Cyril Hanouna for whom she is full of praise. In the magazine “M” she called “Someone brilliant who knows French society”claiming that the host of “Don’t touch my mail!” should “to co-present the debate between the two rounds of the presidential election”† Only that.

The sequel after the ad

The big bug of an RN candidate in Belfort…

AIE Aie Aie. Is the theme of public services the nemesis of the candidates of the National Rally in the next parliamentary elections? Invited by France 3, along with its competitors in the 2and constituency of the Territoire de Belfort, the representative of the RN Sophie Carciner (“very uncomfortable during the exercise”, euphemize our colleagues) offered itself a beautiful moment of solitude when discussing the issue of reducing the resources of local authorities. An a priori fundamental question for anyone wishing to enter the National Assembly.

“How to solve this equation? Less and less money for municipalities and an increasing demand for public services or services to the population in the broad sense? † asks the journalist from France 3.

– By saving on… er…

– What exactly?

The sequel after the ad

[Long blanc]

–… Immigration?

– Which means ?

[Encore un long blanc]

The sequel after the ad

– I didn’t prepare, I’m sorry…”

At the beginning of May, Mélanie Fortier, 24, RN candidate in Côte-d’Or, had all her teeth broken over the same question. Always on a set of our colleagues from France 3, decided, the young candidate had shown that she was incapable of explaining her party’s position, by explaining not “didn’t understand the question”. Before asking in vain for “cut this part of the show” – which was live.

…and another RN candidate’s Morano point

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But why the hell the RN candidate of the 3and Rhone constituency Gérard Volllory waved a photo of his black wife during an interview on France 3? Well, very simple to assure his political opponent that he is not one of the… “extreme”† That has reached the Morano point of the campaign.

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At the end of this series, Sarah Peillon, opponent of Renaissance! by Gérard Vollory on set, rather closed the topic: “Private life must remain private. We’re in a political debate, sir. † Note that Gérard Vollory then apologized and made sure his act was not premeditated. Apparently he had accidentally included his wife’s photo in his files.

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