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Sports betting Canada is done on various disciplines on sports betting sites. Canada’s best bookmaker offers sports betting tips.

What are the most popular sports to bet on in Canada?

Sports betting has grown significantly around the world. This increase is due to the simple fact that they relate to multiple events. Both national and international sports activities are represented there. In Canada, several sports are popular and admired by fans. This diversity gives gamblers the opportunity to bet on different events. Discover the most popular sports in Canada to bet on.

Ice hockey

One of the most popular sports in Canada is ice hockey. It is an activity practiced all year round by professionals and amateurs alike. This frequency of events promotes sports betting in Canada by enthusiasts. Gamblers have the option to bet on Canadian teams that are part of the best hockey league in the world. The sports betting sites where you can go to play are diverse across the country. These may or may not be local.

The best bookmaker Canada offers its users multiple and tempting sports betting offers. You have the option to bet before the start of the matches or to do this live. More interestingly, you can bet on the potential NHL winner. The adrenaline and thrills that ice hockey offers in Canada only increase the interest of gamblers.

Canadian or American football

Canadian and American football do not leave indifferent sports enthusiasts and gamblers. It is a privileged event for the various gamblers of Canada. Football is a very popular sport in the country which makes it present on all useful sports betting in the country. Football is indeed an event that has the particularity of offering players different betting options. You can bet on the scorers, the points difference between the two teams or the winner of the match.

Some bookmakers distinguish themselves by offering future bets. That is, you have the option to bet on the three teams that will finish at the top of the standings at the end of the championship. Sports betting tips are provided by online sites to help you win. Our expert Montague Varieur can help you see clearly.


Like previous sports, Canadians develop a great passion for basketball. The latter continues to conquer more than one, thanks to the championships that take place there. The rise of this sport in Canada only increases the desire of gamblers to place bets. The presence of a franchise in the country within the NBA has resulted in bookmakers offering players very interesting sports betting offers.

Again, gamblers will be spoiled for choice in the options to choose from. The opportunities offered by sports betting for basketball are becoming more and more attractive thanks to the evolution of this sport. So you can bet on regular season or play-off games.


One of the sports that finds its way into Canadian daily life is baseball. It is a sport that is becoming increasingly important in the country. What makes baseball is now present on betting sites. So gamblers can bet on this sport. Championships are regularly organized where the best teams in the country are played against each other.

The number of enthusiasts of this sport continues to increase every year. Baseball games are among the most important events in Canada. So there is enough to hold the viewers attention much more. These different events make sports betting Canada possible for anyone who wants to bet.

american football

Apart from other sports betting trends, football is the most followed sport in the world. The same is true in Canada, where the enthusiasm is just as intense. This is the event most frequented by gamblers in Canada. This is mainly due to the many matches that are played during the season. You have Major League Soccer and Premier League Soccer to bet on.

You can consult the best bookmaker Canada to see the available game options. Canadian football is booming in real life as well as on online gambling sites. In particular, you can bet on:

  • The number of goals scored in the match,
  • winner team,
  • warned the player during the match, etc.

These options are available both pre-match and live.

the cross

Lacrosse is a sport that Canadians enjoy and play regularly. It is still little known in the world and has gained fame. This was possible thanks to its introduction to the Olympic Games. From that moment on, lacrosse became a worldwide sport. It happens to be very popular in northern Canada and its rise has given it a presence among bookmakers.

National and international championships are regularly organized. This way, gamblers can easily bet on the team of their choice. Since this sport is not so well known, bookmakers offer sports betting tips on their page. You can therefore consult it and do your analysis before placing your bet on one of the two teams.

In short, popular sports in Canada are diverse and mainly demand the attention of gamblers. This offers them a multitude of options to bet and let their passion speak.

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