Three students from Soutine College, in Saint-Prest, participate in the final of the regional school bridge

At a table of four, thirteen cards in hand, a dozen students from the Soutine college in Saint-Prest practice bridge twice a week. Each session starts with revisions, before giving way to the game very quickly.

The Chartrain club has been carrying the initiative for eight years in the Soutine college and, more recently, in three other institutions: the Hélène-Boucher college, the Notre-Dame college and, since this year, the Marceau college .

“In high school it’s terminals, it goes faster. The bridging hours are directly included in the teaching hours. It is awesome. †

Bernadette (Member of C’Chartres Bridge.)

Working with materials, “without realizing it”

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Mathematics and help with mental calculation, concentration, teamwork, strategy development and even mastery of concepts in English, bridge has many benefits for students and becomes “a real educational tool.”

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In their ‘daily school life’ it is really an asset to know how to play this card game. There is a good reason why there is an agreement with the National Education and the French Bridge Federation. “A convention restarted on March 15th. “And then it’s still a card game!” We work on concepts without even realizing it. †

With Learning Bridge you also work on “relationship and trust aspects” with people from outside. Bernadette says:

“We don’t have the same relationship as with their teachers. The transfer requires a lot of pedagogy and patience, it is not given to everyone. Here I am a bit like their grandmother”

Bernadette. (Member of C’Chartres Bridge.)

Three students go to regional

This year, “sessions didn’t resume until January due to the health crisis,” explains Nadine Navarro, chief education advisor (CPE) at Soutine College.

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At the request of the students and in order to adapt to the schedules of all concerned, the frequency of the sessions has been increased to twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. “It’s the first time and it’s the only location in question,” adds Bernadette.

A sustained pace that allowed some volunteers to progress “twice as fast” and qualify for the 2022 School Bridge Regional Finals in Tours today. Alexandre and Victor, aged 13 and 14, students in 4th and Samuel , 12, student in the 6th, are the three representatives of the Soutine college who go to Indre-et-Loire. For Samuel, bridge is above all ‘strategy. It’s a sport that requires rest and I really needed that. Alexandre played his first bridge shots last January.

“If someone had told me five months ago that I was going to play bridge, I wouldn’t have believed it! †

Alexander (13 years)

When the pressure starts to mount, the three students keep their cool and take advantage of the advice of their initiators. “We need to get a good night’s sleep to avoid easy mistakes and maintain the concentration needed to win,” says Victor. “We are going to win, but above all we give everything. Bridge is especially fun, Bernadette continues, even though we hope to get a podium place. It would be a big win. †

Jade saved

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