The 52nd Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières will be held again in August over two weekends!

Tuesday 17 May 2022 by Philippe Brasseur

As the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières prepared to unveil an impressive race schedule for the weekend of August 5, 6 and 7, as well as the new projects of its integrated environmental program GP3Vert, the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières received approval on Monday for its second weekend of activities to be held on its semi-asphalt/semi-clay circuit on August 13 and 14.

An impressive 14 race program awaits fans on the Trois-Rivières street circuit during the traditional road circuit weekend of 5, 6 and 7 August. Of course, NASCAR Pinty’s Series tenors like champion Louis-Philippe Dumoulin, his brother Jean-François – runner-up at Trois-Rivières last year – and double winner Kevin Lacroix will all try to steal Alex Tagliani’s crown.

In particular, they will be up against the two drivers from GM Paillé’s new structure: three-time series champion and four-time NASCAR GP3R winner Andrew Ranger and Marc-Antoine Camirand, fourteen-time winner in Trois-Rivières… but never in NASCAR! The latter completely dominated the first event of the season by leading 203 of 252 laps at Sunset Speedway last Saturday before being defeated by Brandon Watson, Raphaël Lessard and eventual winner Treyten Lapcevich on the final restart.

New this year, will be added to the imposing cars of the NASCAR Pinty’s series, the cars of the SportsCar Canada Championship with GT4 and TCR such as Mercedes AMG GT4, Audi RS3 LMS TCR, Ford Mustang GT4 Multimatic and other Honda Civic Types R TCR , including that of GP3R legend Jocelyn Hébert.

The Chevrolet Urban Challenge also returns with a field that can reach fifty cars. The drivers will first compete in a series of four qualifying events on the clay ovals of RPM Speedway, Autodrome Drummond, Cornwall Motor Speedway and Autodrome Granby before going head-to-head on the Trois-Rivières tarmac on 6 August.

The Nissan Sentra Cup, F1600 Canada Series and Super Production Challenge are also on the program again, as are the Modified Legends, who were so blown away during their demo last year that they took their full-fledged spot on the program. And even more good news: the free open house is back on Friday, August 5!

In addition, when the integrated environmental program GP3Vert was launched in 2017, the stated goal was to weave sustainable development directly into the fabric of the GP3R. For example, initiatives aimed at reducing the ecological impact of the event are an integral part of business operations and serve as a testing ground for initiatives that can be taken over by other events, companies or citizens.

It is in this perspective that the GP3R has today announced a major deplasticization project for its operations. Thanks to the collaboration of the innovative company SoluCan from Trois-Rivières, the GP3R will replace single-use plastic water bottles, essential for hydrating visitors and volunteers, with 100% recyclable aluminum cans. In addition, the GP3R will work with its food concessions to replace single-use plastic serving dishes and cutlery with fiber and wood substitute products that will be recovered and recycled into biomass, eventually biomethanized and converted to renewable natural gas. RPMEco will make its efforts by recovering and recycling the plastic containers of automotive oils and fluids used by racing teams. These deplasticization efforts will be added to the migration to alternative fuels with a reduced CO2 impact.

“We are already offsetting the greenhouse gases emitted by our racing vehicles through our social habitat plantings, such as the more than 200 plants we have planted at École Chavigny,” added Dominic Fugère, GP3R General Manager. However, these emissions are only a small part of the impact of a major event like ours. We must strive to reduce before compensating and this is where the use of biofuels, both on the track and for the assembly, makes sense,” he added about this eco-friendly part of the event.

Another fossil-free fuel that aids decarbonization should also make its debut on the GP3R. Tests conducted with P1 Race Fuels’ ECO100 synthetic racing fuel have been conclusive and could even lead to its use in GP3R competitions this year. A product based on captured carbon, green hydrogen generated via electrolysis and complex alcohols distilled from secondary biomass from agricultural waste, this fuel makes it possible to highlight the development of technologies that will contribute to the decarbonisation of transport and the current powered vehicle fleet to be boosted by an internal combustion engine.

Finally, it should be noted that the GP3R organizers learned yesterday afternoon that they had obtained court approval to return to the format of the event contested over two weekends, including one on semi-tarmac/semi-clay with part of the Hippodrome 3R route.

“We are delighted that the courts have decided to restart our second weekend of activity by upholding our rights, making us one of the few places in the world to offer rallycross and supermoto in the center of a city. Now that we have a free hand, we will confirm a strong program in the coming days, aimed at local talent,” concludes Dominic Fugère.

The program for the event will be presented in the next issue of Pole-Position magazine, which will be published in early June.

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