rest home “Le Flamboyant” temporarily closed

After several warnings, the rest home “Le Flamboyant” on the road to Balata in Fort-de-France, is subject to a temporary suspension of the permit from this Thursday, May 19, 2022. The conclusions of the last inspection carried out by the Regional Health Agency ended Tuesdays are overwhelming. The 11 residents were referred to other structures.

This nursing home is located in a quiet residential area, on the ground floor of a small private residence in the Balata district of Fort-de-France. It had already been the subject of several inspections and warnings between 2011 and 2021. But health authorities’ recommendations regarding the quality of services have remained in vain.

The rest home “Les Flamboyants”, located on the ground floor of this small building, in Balata.

©Guy Etienne

On Tuesday, May 17, 2022, following new reports, six members of the Public Health Inspectorate were sent to the site, at the request of the Martinique Territorial Collective as guardian of the structure. The CTM had previously been informed of several malfunctions by the public prosecutor. The authorities have therefore decided to suspend the permit temporarily, after an overwhelming observation.

We are in the presence of poor care. For example, just next to the kitchen we saw a room with all kinds of waste, with traces of vermin droppings, old paint cans, in short a deposit (…)! It was also found that the staff had been informed on a sign on a box of soup cubes that other vermin might be present in this kitchen. Also in terms of food, we all noticed that the reserves and the meal that was cooked during our presence were insufficient for 11 residents (…). However, there are dietary rules that must be respected especially in this age group, especially that the families pay.

Doctor Marie-Laure Raudel, general practitioner, public health inspector

Rooms / terrace / retirement home Balata

Two bedrooms in the rest house “Les Flamboyants” and the relaxation area on the terrace.

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In terms of furnishing, the double rooms in the sleeping quarters retain little privacy for their users. As for the relaxation area that faces the main road of Balata, at the back of the small building, is not easy for seniors.

The ARS also points the finger at a planning “complicated” working hours, between the night shift and the day shift. Consequently, the elderly would be awakened much too early for bath and breakfast.

While physical assault was not mentioned by the inspection mission, the latter nevertheless noted that: “the rules of good practice are not respected” at this establishment.

Abuse in public health is not just physical, that is, from the moment people do not have enough to eat, when the organization of the day makes them get up at 4:30 am, that is abuse. The conclusion is that even if there is no physical abuse, there is a range of arguments that will ensure that they are not taken care of, in accordance with the rules of good practice.

dr. Marie-Laure Raudel

Retirement home

The small building that houses the rest home “Les Flamboyants”, route de Balata in Fort-de-France.

©Guy Etienne

The “Le Flamboyant” EHPA will have to fit in “a normalization process” to regain his authorization to supervise the elderly, the doctor of the ARS specifies. Meanwhile, the 11 residents are spread over other structures, the EHPAD “L’Oasis” in Balata (8), “La Yole Gran Moun” in Château-Bœuf (2) and “Les Filaos” in Robert (1) .

This case recalls the recent news of the Orpéa group trapped for its failures, in a book published in France in January 2022. According to some sources, tongues are starting to come loose in Martinique, where new reports could soon arrive at the prosecutor’s office.

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