New Eure resident, a journalist launches an “ecological and DIY” magazine

Jacques Tiberi has just released the first issue of Low-Tech Journal. ©Le Courrier de l’Eure / TG

He wanted to start a podcast entitled Without oil or electricity† He wanted to create a YouTube channel with the same title. He dropped both. Jacques Tiberi eventually created his magazine “ecolo et bricolo”, which deals with “soft technologies”, Low Tech Journal† It suits his project better.

The young father is a lawyer by training and says he has been making newspapers since school. Today, after more than ten years working as a freelance journalist for various newsrooms, he just closed an online pussy, which brings a total of 1,734 contributions and 182% funding for his project. His first issue of Low Tech Journal, for May-June 2022, arrives at its subscribers. “Now I come to number two and the special edition. †

Jacques Tiberi is not alone. A journalist, a graphic designer and an editorial secretary joined him. Their respective names: Calvin Dionnet, Mathilde Galzin and Philippe Lesaffre. The founder of the magazine is in the mindset of editors as Kaizensocial True Yggdrasil (specialized in collapsology). “They do very well in theoretical subjects, long formats. But I discovered that something was missing in line with the eco-friendly house,” the journalist underlines.

The Art of Living

What he wants is to touch the whole “range of ecology” by offering practical articles. “Lowtech” is an “art of living”, Jacques Tiberi recalls. The principles are frugality, accessibility, sustainability and what he calls “empowerment” (or education/training, he clarifies.) “The idea is that anyone who can do the things we propose, without going too far, so as not to discourage… I, I’m green, but if I do things alone, I’m in trouble!” smiled the journalist.

I want to discover the dedication of low-tech or sober players

Jacques Tiberi, journalist and founder of Low-Tech Journal

His magazine will therefore offer “tutorial subjects”. “In particular, we will be offering things that are in ZAD . are practiced [NDLR zone à défendre] or in eco-hamlets, such as places without telephones,” he explains. “For example, I want to talk about hygiene at home in do it yourself [NDLR faites-le vous-mêmes en anglais]† Because there is an overflow on the internet, I do a journalistic sort. Then, in the matter of reliability, I entrust my work to an expert, who acts as a technical committee and validates my articles. †

Speaking of ecology, degrowth, Jacques Tiberi will also do it through reports, portraits, interviews… “I want to discover the devotion of actors to low-tech or frugality,” he continues, later explaining how he interviewed via video ” an engineer in Kenya who does everything himself, including his bioethanol”.


As for the formula of the publication, the creator of Low Tech Journal begins with a bimonthly rhythm, with the bonus of an annual special issue, which also returns to its original idea: “Without oil or electricity”. “If I had made a weekly or monthly magazine, I wouldn’t have been able to hire a team. I hope someday I can work it out and be on my way to a monthly publication. †

Videos: currently on Actu

It’s okay to be green and advertise. It remains information. Only, we select the brands. We make sure they don’t greenwash

Jacques Tiberic

Unlike many other publications, Low Tech Journal will not be available everywhere in France. Jacques Tiberi prefers sales areas (wholesale, AMAPs, etc.) and prefers subscriptions through the website. The founder of the magazine prefers to reduce waste as much as possible. Number two is now available to pre-order online.

And to sustainably finance his project, Jacques Tiberi opens his columns for commercial supplements. “It’s no problem to be green and advertise. It remains information. Only, we select the brands. We make sure they don’t greenwash,” explains the boss of the new newspaper, proposing a formula “at a free and conscious price”. Low Tech Journal is therefore an eco-responsible publication down to the smallest detail. Includes the “eco-designed” website.

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