Nearly $7,000 in Scholarships Awarded to Cégep Beauce-Appalaches Students

Many students at Cégep Beauce-Appalaches Saint-Georges campus have received nearly $7,000 in scholarships, most notably from the Fondation du Cégep and Forces AVENIR.

The Foundation awarded a total of $3,600 to 15 students to highlight their commitment to student life, their academic perseverance, and their entrepreneurial vision. As for the Forces AVENIR Scholarships, these were awarded to promote student engagement.

It is our way of affirming that we have academic success and perseverance in our hearts. It is much more than a philanthropic action, it is participating in the lives of our citizens and making a difference. Giving is investing in the future. Giving also means getting involved in the academic success of our young students and promoting their achievements through their leadership and dedication. Above all, we must not forget that they are our future employees of tomorrow. said René Allen, president of the Cégep Beauce-Appalaches Foundation.

Foundation scholarships
– Mathis Boudreau (creation and media)
– Lukas Cormier (Accounting and management techniques)
– Stéphanie Faucher (creation and media)
– Océane Lallier (techniques in children’s education)

Academic Perseverance Scholarships
– Vanessa Poulin (Special Educational Techniques)
– Mireille Turmel (child education techniques)

Back to School Scholarships
– Rachel Grégoire (Special Educational Techniques)
– Julie Gagné (Nursing)
– Joanie Bérubé-Rodrigue (Accounting and Management Techniques)
– Émile Pellerin (Human sciences profile Markets and Globalization)

Forces AVENIR Scholarships
The Forces AVENIR college program is back this year to recognize, honor and promote student involvement in projects that contribute to the education of conscious, responsible, active and persistent citizens, both rooted in their communities and open to the world .

At Cégep Beauce-Appalaches, seven grants totaling $1,000 were awarded to local personalities and winning projects. Among the winners is Mathis Boudreau, Creation and Media student, one of five national finalists in the Engaged Students category. In addition to winning a $1,000 scholarship, he will participate in the Gala Forces AVENIR which will take place on September 28 at the Capitole de Québec.

Category FUTURE Personality
Student involved: Mathis Boudreau (creation and media)
Persistent learner: Sarah-Élizabeth Lévesque (techniques for childhood education)
Hired staff: Valérie Bernier (philosophy teacher at Sainte-Marie)

Category AVENIR Dedicated project
Art, literature and culture: Project Le Porte – voice of Creation and Media students Éliane Guenette, Patrick Loignon, Lyanne Bergeron and Sabrina Guenette (Visual Arts).
Entrepreneurship: Création-Pop project by Jean-Gabriel Morin, Rosemarie Poulin, Kelly-Ann Veilleux, Océane Lecours, Stéphanie Crestey, Audrey Wenger, Jean-David Lessard and Xavier Mathieu (Accounting and Management Techniques).
Environment : Project Together green, a carbon-responsible future by Joanie Bérubé Rodrigue, Rachel Gilbert and Jeffrey Busque (Accounting and Management Techniques).
Society, communication and education: Youth reading package project by Pierre-Yves Grondin (creation and media).

The CBA is proud to be an institution that is once again participating in Forces AVENIR to make known “examples that speak”, that can inspire people and that illustrate paths that can be taken so that society and its education system always respond better suits their needs. mission, which is to educate fulfilled, aware, responsible and engaged citizens said the director of studies and student life, Jean-Philippe Vachon.

Other scholarships
An amount of $2,350 was also donated by companies or organizations to five other students in specific programs.

Rose Cloutier, a science student, received a $350 grant from Mécanium to help her continue her studies for a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Laval University next fall.

The Chevaliers Beaucerons endowment fund annually rewards two students of the Computer Science programme. This year’s recipients are Younes Gouguasse and Frédéric Veilleux who received a $500 scholarship respectively for their efforts and academic success.

From the Civil Engineering Technology course, Jérémy St-Hilaire received the materials control scholarship awarded by EXP. Nicolas Morin received the technical drawing grant for road projects and constructions also offered by EXP.

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