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Labeling of an “educational city” in Villefontaine and Isle-d’Abeau

Updated on 05-19-2022

Press release of 19 May 2022

This month, the government validates the “Educational City” label for Villefontaine and Isle-d’Abeau.

The “Educational City” label is awarded to the Saint-Hubert, Saint-Bonnet and Les Roches de l’Isle-d’Abeau districts and to the municipality of Villefontaine. This labeling comes after the mobilization of the services of the State, the Rectorate and the Municipalities to “consolidate the role of the school, promote the continuity of education and open up the field of possibilities, with a view to equal opportunities . It is about leveraging the areas concerned by supporting in particular young people from school age.”

In order to put the project into practice, the municipalities will receive €400,000 annually for three years from June 30, 2022 and the support of the services of the prefecture, academic services, the National Agency for Territorial Cohesion (ANCT) and the General Directorate for School education (DGECO). Municipalities and communities contribute an amount of the same level.

The “educational city” of Isle-d’Abeau and Villefontaine

L’Isle-d’Abeau: 886 high school students (2 colleges), 2046 school kids (9 schools) and 405 high school students (1 high school).

Villefontaine: 802 high school students (2 colleges), 1,696 high school students (9 schools), and 562 high school students (1 high school).

The 5 strategic axes co-developed by the prefecture, the academic services and the local authorities mobilized:

1. Promote a common culture between all actors of a strengthened educational community that allows continuity of courses throughout the life of the child and young person.

2. Build future citizens as enlightened individuals.

3. Promote the development and ambition of children and young people in a peaceful environment.

4. Promote the ambition, success and professional integration of children and young people.

5. Strengthen the exercise of the parental role in guiding the children and young people of the city.

The system of educational cities

The Educational Cities strive to intensify the educational care of children and young people, from birth to professional integration, before, during, around and after school. They consist of a large alliance of educational actors in the focus areas of urban policy: parents, government departments, communities, associations, residents. All school and extracurricular players are federated in the areas that need it most.

Apart from the devices and resources implemented, only an ambitious local strategy, a continuous commitment and close coordination of the educational actors can counteract the logic of segregation and dropout at work in the large districts with limited social mix. Three major objectives, for example, give direction to the ambition of educational cities in the field, which translates into a large number of actions for 0-25 year-olds in the districts concerned: strengthening the role of school; promote education continuity; open the field of possibilities.

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