Interview: Maxime Lecanu, new head of the football school appointed at USI Bessin Nord in Seulles

For the first time in his career, Maxime Lecanu is in charge of a football school. ©The Renaissance

Maxime, what was your background before you arrived at Bessin Nord?

I started playing football and spent most of my career with AS Valognes in the Manche department. I started playing football at age 6 where my father was the coach of the first team and I stopped around age 22 because I started working weekends which was not compatible with football. I traveled a lot for work at the time. I returned to Caen (Calvados) in 2011 and then to Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer (Calvados) in 2014. With a more relaxed schedule, I took a license to play for 2 seasons at FC Langrunes/Luc sur mer (Calvados) , then at the age of 37 I was offered the offer to coach the B-team. We finished with a Division 4 title with only one loss. The club is unfortunately closed. Then I went to FC Côte de Nacre (Calvados) where I led the U9 team for two years, with the U18 team at the end of the first year, at my request, because football on 11 was missing me. This year I only have the U18s to look after and it’s going really well.

For me football is an obligation, if I take a license it is to attend

Maxime Lecanu

What connection do you have with football?

I was in the football world from a young age, my father (Jean-Paul Lecanu) was a player at the Stade Malherbe de Caen between 1970 and 1973. I have been supporting Caen since I was little. Plus tard, je me suis rendu compte que j’adorais la vie de cloakroom, j’adore la vie de banc, arriver 1 h plus tôt pour gonfler les ballons, l’ambiance du terrain et le management, le vrai football que j’ love.

What convinced you to join USI Bessin Nord and take up this position?

What first convinced me was that I was dealing with healthy people. I think a football school is all about human relations. For me, football school is friends and memories, values ​​and ideas that I want to put down. I felt normal people for me, that’s nice and you want to participate in their project and help them achieve it. I feel like everyone is pulling in the same direction, it makes me want to be part of this dynamic. The presence of Thierry Mancel, who I have known for two years and who lends me a hand with the FCCN U18 team, also confirmed my choice. He is a person I appreciate on a human level, with whom I speak the same football language. I was offered to take charge of the U18 team in Bessin Nord sur Seulles in addition to the position of head of the football school, which was a prerequisite for coming.

The club and the group go for individuality, I will always meet the demands of the club

Maxime Lecanu

What is the project that the club has offered you?

They asked me to bring new things to the football school, to help develop it and to bring my ideas to support the club in its progress, to grow the school. The project is to structure the school by training educators and try to increase the competition level in the football categories to 11, where the requirement becomes more important. Also to help the U18 to move on to the seniors. The aim is to create memories for children, to give them a good time while they are engaged in sports and competition.

What are your goals with the U18 team?

I come with ambition. When I start a season, it’s to get them as high as possible. The goal will also be to get them ready to play as a senior, to bring them the technical, physical and mental maturity to get through this phase. I really like the concept of competition in this category. I will try to transfer my experience and my knowledge to this team where young people are generally in high demand.

The goal is for them to have fun, because for some it’s their last year at football school, and that’s priceless

Maxime Lecanu

What future do you see for yourself and for the club?

What interests me at the moment is to develop the football school and have fun with the U18s and move forward in this direction together. It is my ambition that the whole club develops positively and that in a few years young people and seniors will want to come to Bessin Nord sur Seulles because there is quality, ideas and fun things. Let the club be said to be friendly, competent, with a certain requirement in training. I also hope that in the long term more and more young people trained at the club will join the senior teams, and if possible the first team.

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