Football: Paolo Tramezzani “plays” his place on FC Sion bench


In a derby that will serve as a revealer, the Sédunois coach will need a result against Lausanne this Thursday to avoid the worst-case scenario. His future at Tourbillon also depends on it.

Since his return to Tourbillon on October 9, 2021, Paolo Tramezzani, for whom this is the third time on the Walliser bench, has been running on an unsatisfactory average of 1.12 points per game.

Pascal Muller/fresh focus

Stop or restart? Scenes of joy (quite rare this season) or disappointment (more common)? Expecting a capital derby for him next Thursday in La Tuilière, FC Sion knows: at the stroke of 10.20 pm he can be definitively saved. Lucerne v Young Boys.

Any other result would extend the tension until Sunday, the scene of a very hot Rhone derby that could be decisive for both Sion and Servette, depending on the different verdicts of the 35th day… We’re not there yet, far from it .

Best outside

In order not to tremble further, the Valais visitor must rediscover the qualities (especially in terms of effort) that have enabled him to recently beat Lugano and Grasshopper, each time gone. Traits that Sion finds difficult to express in front of his home crowd, as was the case against Lucerne eight days ago (loss 1-3† Good news: the Valais, which are often considerably better outside the cantonal borders, will be working a few hours’ drive from Tourbillon.

Sion stopped setting up the planned “remobilization” course a moment after the hiccups recorded against the current Lucerne barrage, and lived an almost normal week of preparation, punctuated by individual interviews conducted by Christian Constantin himself. .

Capital pour les visiteurs, le rendezvous de la Tuilière l’est aussi pour Paolo Tramezzani, dont la position a été fragilisée par une série de lapel ayant (re)plongé Sion dans des soucis semblant pourtant ne plus devoir le concerner il ya little . With a comfortable 14-point lead over Lucerne on the evening of the 20th day, how could the Valais club squander… 13 points in a span of three months?

Added to this mathematical inconvenience is the poverty of the spectacle on offer, often unpleasant and characterized by the significant absence of progress.

One more year contract but…

That means the Italian technician urgently needs a win to consolidate his position. Though he still has a one-year contract in Wallis, another failure could even hasten his departure, perhaps encouraging his president to come out and prepare the sequel differently. If one man plays bigger than the others tonight, it’s the Mister, whose future on the FC Sion bench is anything but assured.

“The team feels good and is aware of the importance of the meeting. However, I don’t feel any particular tension.”

Paolo Tramezzani, FC Sion . coach

During the traditional press conference organized on Wednesday, Paolo Tramezzani made no secret of the importance of this penultimate derby of the season. “The team feels good and is aware of the importance of tomorrow’s game (Editor’s note today), he explained. However, I don’t feel any particular tension.” According to their coach, the group, victims of their inconstancy, worked serenely, aiming to erase in Lausanne the bad impression left on Lucerne.

It should be noted that the statistics also largely speak in favor of FC Sion, which has never lost to an official game against Lausanne in five years (7 wins, 4 draws). To find traces of a Walliser defeat in the league against the Vaudois, you have to go back to April 23, 2017 (0-1). A quack who at the time had cost his place to a certain Peter Zeidler. Paolo Tramezzani has been warned in any case…

Two more games, 180 minutes to play and Alain Casanova will return home, find his family and perhaps a new challenge to take on. “I did not expect such an interesting competition, he agrees. I really liked what I discovered in Switzerland. For me it is almost a form of rebirth…”

For Lausanne, it’s more like the hallali. The relegated from La Tuilière certainly remains positive, but his reaction came much too late to prevent the fall, which had been foreseen well before Christmas. “The hoped-for revival only really manifested itself after the Tourbillon race (Editor’s note 1-0 defeat on March 2), game we should never have lost because we were better than Sion.

Meanwhile, there is a derby to play, an honor to defend. His coach knows, the behavior of his LS will be scrutinized to watch for any form of renunciation. Seeking success as a parting gift, Casanova vows to play for the win. “We will do everything we can to win,” the LS coach assured. We have to be as fair as possible, if only to the club and the supporters. It’s not about favoring anyone. I am not an enemy to anyone, but we will play our role as referees to the fullest.

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