Alloprof improves its services thanks to artificial intelligence, just in time for the return of the ministerial tests

After two years of absence due to COVID-19, the ministerial exams are back in primary and secondary school this year. As always, Alloprof continues to improve its resources to support academic success, including through the integration of new features related to artificial intelligence to its web platform.

“Assessments can be a source of stress for young people and their parents, especially after the last two years of school that have been disrupted by COVID. Alloprof is always there to support them, especially with interactive recoveries, MiniRécups and more than 700 online exercises, to encourage children to facilitate the revision of misunderstood concepts upstream,” explains Annie Harvey, columnist at Alloprof.

A faster, personalized experience for students

Just in time for the final year-end sprint, Alloprof has enhanced some of its tools with artificial intelligence (AI) to help young people overcome their difficulties even faster. As part of its partnership with the Montreal Institute for Data Valorization, Alloprof was able to conduct two AI projects with teams of university students. The first, set up with the Polytechnique, is a recommendation engine which automatically explains questions from students on the Zone d’entraide. This feature is intended to speed up the resolution of the problem faced by the student, a particularly important gain during intensive revision.

The second AI project, developed with the École de technology supérieure, is a vocal synthesis which “reads” aloud learning resources from the Alloprof site, especially for young people with reading difficulties or who want to learn differently.

“In Quebec, there are many leading players in advanced technologies, especially in AI. We are incredibly lucky to work with these people to expand the capabilities of our learning support solutions. With their contribution, Alloprof has the greatest ambitions for the success of our students! “, welcome Marc-Antoine Tanguay, spokesperson for Alloprof.

“At the end of the school year, when things are starting to get back to normal, it’s vital that our government uses all possible means to help Quebec students get through the exam period better. Alloprof has been a key player in developing several innovative ways to promote academic success during the pandemic. We are happy to support the development of the organization’s new resources and functionalities, which are in line with the unprecedented digital shift that the Ministry of Education and the schools network will make in the coming years. Taking advantage of the latest technologies to help students who have academic difficulties is a promising way that we want to encourage,” adds Jean-François Roberge, Quebec Minister of Education

Varied and Custom Tools

Alloprof offers a series of tips to students for a study session successful and recalls that his team of teachers is available to answer school-related questions Monday to Thursday from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM and Sunday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM by text, chat, or phone. It is also possible to ask questions seven days a week in the collaboration area of ​​the Zone d’entraide. Without forgetting that the site offers revision folders by level and by subject, more than 700 exercises and several videos called MiniRécups that allow you to watch the material in 30 minutes. Finally, Alloprof’s CyberRevisions delve a little deeper into the elements planned for the ministry’s key investigations.

The Alloprof Parents section also offers a: file to help parents guide their children during the period of the year-end exams† There is a full calendar of ministerial tests by level and by subject, activities to reduce stress, resources for planning study and tools such as the mind map and timeline for better retention of information.

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