9 tips to protect yourself

Now located in 67 wards, the tiger mosquito proves more virulent and dangerous than the classic mosquito† Indeed, it can transmit viruses such as those from humans to humans the dengue feverZika and Chikungunya† For this reason, it is under the supervision of the authorities, in particular through the Signalement-moustique site.

Small in size, recognizable by are white and black colors and is characterized by the presence of a white dorsal line along his thorax† On the other hand, his paws are also scratched† In addition, it is quieter and bites during the day unlike the classic mosquito. The tiger mosquito is particularly resistant and adapted to the human environment and prefers to develop in peri-urban environments as well as in highly populated urban areas† usual, the female lays her eggs in all kinds of artificial water troughs and reservoirs such as vases, pots, rain gutters, gutters, terraces on plots or even old tires…

But when summer comes to an end, the tiger mosquito reappears. There are several tips to protect yourself.

“The best strategy against the tiger mosquito with a moderate cost and without environmental impact is elimination at the source,” informs Grégory L’Ambert, entomologist for EID Méditerranée. For that you need eliminate standing water, because the tiger mosquito thrives in small amounts of standing water. “It’s right to empty the saucers of flower pots and bowls with water once a weekthe submerged eggs need 10 days to develop,” this specialist says.

Other solution: fill your dishes with gravel. “There is water, but no room for mosquito larvae to develop, because they have to come to the surface to breathe,” explains Grégory L’Ambert. For vases you can replace water with wet sand

Cover water tanks

© Adobe StockCover the water tanks to eliminate the tiger mosquito larvae that live near your home: water jugs, cisterns, rainwater collectors…. “Use an old tablecloth, an old sheet without holes or a mosquito net held in place with a strap. They let the water through, but not the mosquitoes,” advises Grégory L’Ambert.

do not forget to completely empty and also cover pools that are not in use. You should also check the proper flow of rain and waste water and clean the gutters and gutters regularly.

Storing toys and garden equipment

Storing toys and garden equipment© Adobe Stock“Children’s toys create micro-reservoirs of water when it rains,” explains Grégory L’Ambert. It is therefore better not to leave them lying around in the garden, especially if you have automatic watering. If you don’t want to get rid of them, remember to empty them once a week.

Maintain your garden

Maintain your garden© Adobe StockEliminating the tiger mosquito also means eliminating its resting places under the shade of trees! Before, maintain your garden! Clear tall grass and hedges, prune trees, pick up fruit and plant debris from the ground and limit watering. And share these tips with your neighbor.

remember that tiger mosquitoes move very little† If you are bitten at home, mosquitoes live in your house or in your neighborhood. “It is less useful in mainland France than, for example, in the French departments of America DFA or in Réunion, where the rains are more regular in summer,” specifies Grégory Lambert.

Wear loose, lightly covering clothing

Wear loose, lightly covering clothing© Adobe StockSince tiger mosquitoes bite more easily in the lower extremities, it is better to prevent their access to their favorite areas.

How ? “By wearing loose, covering that prevents the mosquito from biting, and light in color because it attracts them less.”

Use a good skin repellent in endemic areas

Use a good skin repellent in endemic areas© Adobe StockFour insecticide molecules are effective against the tiger mosquito: DEET, IR3535, icaridin, citriodiol. “However, it is better to reserve its use if you are traveling to an endemic area, where there are health risks, or if there are cases of diseases transmitted by tiger mosquitoes in your area,” advises Grégory L’Ambert. “It’s more reasonable to control mosquito production,” he recalls. Our expert warns against bracelets and ultrasounds, which are ineffective.

Air conditioning and use of fans

Air conditioning and use of fans© Adobe StockProtecting yourself from tiger mosquitoes can also include air conditioning. “This results in cooler, less humid air, which mosquitoes don’t appreciate.” The biting tiger mosquitoes especially outside, protect yourself while dining on your terrace by placing a fan at your feet† “The airflow distorts the chemical signals and disturbs the tiger mosquito because it is a mosquito that has a hard time flying,” explains the entomologist.

Put smoke twists out

Put smoke twists out© Adobe Stock“Insecticidal smoke shavings are effective when you’re near the coil,” says Grégory L’Ambert. “As is the case with dermal insecticides, it is better not to use them every day“He recommends.

To be combined, like other methods of bite prevention, with the elimination of tiger mosquito breeding grounds.

Fit doors and windows with mosquito nets

Fit doors and windows with mosquito nets© Adobe StockInstall screens on doors and windows reduces the presence of mosquitoes in the habitat. Using a crib mosquito net is the most effective way to protect babies from bites.

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