Top 7 Hidden Terraces in Montreal

You don’t know why, but for a few days you feel good. You walk down the street and realize that you laugh stupidly to strangers, let you pass the old woman with his dog, you help the mother with her pram, you wait wise at the red light? (don’t tell me you do it EVERY DAY, I don’t believe you)…. Don’t worry, it’s normal, you suffer from the common syndrome of the month of May, syndrome of “But that I like the summer, it should be like that all year round”

So here it is now the sun is well installed, that you straddle your bicycle rediscover your beloved cityand above all that the terraces are backoffers you the team of your favorite Montreal blog 7 hidden terraces where to take your friends chilling on the terrace

The terrace/garden of Santropol on the Plateau

SantropoleI have to admit, it’s kind of my little corner of hidden paradise that I kept to myself… but there you go summer makes me altruistic so I share my luck with you, sweet raccoon. first of all Santropole it’s a really pleasant place: it’s more than a terrace, it’s a small flower garden who welcomes you on the corner of Duluth and Saint-Urbain in addition to the Jeanne Mance Park

Not only do you feel good, but you also eat the craziest sandwich of your life : 2 or 3 layers accompanied by a good salad, the flavours are there so many original Which lovely † I often choose “Killing Tomato” : Sun-dried tomato, basil and garlic cream cheese with sliced ​​fresh tomatoes and ham. You can also make your own sandwich

The little extras: milkshakes with many flavors (Quebec maple syrup, green apple or passion fruit, etc.), organic tea and vegetarian/healthy choices.

3990 Rue Saint-Urbain, Montreal, QC H2W 1K2

The hidden terrace of the Spanish Club on Saint-Laurent

So the spanish club it is primarily a place a bit secret in Montreal: first of all you absolutely cannot guess what is hidden there from the outside, you really have to knows how to go in† From the street you discover a somewhat hazy window behind which you cannot believe that a restaurant is hidden. After taking a somewhat dark staircase you enter a large room with round table discussions where are some? Spanish-speaking regulars

Finally access to the grail of the terrace, you are guided through the great room, and after a small narrow corridor: that’s it, you see it! The famous terrace opens to you. Except that you are hidden (and therefore quiet), you eat there delicious tapas (roasted peppers, grilled sardines, spicy potatoes… ok sometimes it’s a bit greasy, you’ll probably Stick soon) accompanied by a sangria who will do everything for you forget the next morning

To note : if you want to drink sangria in abundance you should be club member for the liquor license, charges approx. $10 more.

4388 St-Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2W 1Z5

The terrace of Sainte-Ambroise (Lachine canal)

The terrace of Sainte-Ambroise is with edge of the Lachine Canal along the bike path. It is real The best place to drink you a nice refreshing beer after a short bike ride in the summer. The beer is brewed on site and the terrace is really big: you can come in gang easy to sit on large wooden tables.

The little extra for non-moped riders: the large adjacent parking lot for your car (bouhhh).

A little useful advice: plan the return journey by bike before you 4 . orderse pitcher of the evening.

5080 Rue Saint-Ambroise, Montreal, QC H4C 2G1

The terrace of Abreuvoir in Ville-Marie

the drinking trough, you know for sure or at least “you see where it is”if you know it’s the corner bar St. Denis/Ontario Or is there always a line on weekends? It’s dark and a bit cold outside with a bouncer often at the entrance… in short, it has everything, a priori, to scare me away… Yes but ! When you discover the hidden terrace at the back you want to come back trust me! Large wooden terrace on floors with a central bar… and heated in some places please! The terrace is really well done which you can have? more “cozy” corners with friends.

Little advice: Avoid weekends if you don’t want to face the bouncer waiting in line!

403 Ontario Street E, Montreal, QC H2L 1N5

Plan B’s Hidden Terrace on Mont-Royal

plan B this is the bar where you feel good right away… The welcome is always hot if the small terrace at the back† It’s not big but if you come early enough you can easily find space. Cocktails are all good and you can eat small snacks to accompany your drink. Its always calm and pleasantthe green wall remind you that you can find your little one corner of green in the heart of the Plateau.

327 Mont Royal Avenue E, H2T1P8

The Palco bar in Verdun

In the heart of Wellington Street, the terrace of Bar Palco offers us a small corner of peace and greenery in the middle of the city. It’s at the back of the bar, but take the opportunity to admire the interior of the establishment along the way, it’s clearly worth the detour! The cocktails are to die for, wine lovers will not be disappointed and the food is nauseating. Whether it’s for a happy hour, an aperitif with your gang or a date, all the ingredients are there to make a great night outside

4019 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G 1V6

Wine bar on the beach of Verdun

Verdun .’s beach bar makes us fall over with its terrace in the middle of the houses. It’s cosy, it’s green and we just want to spend the whole day there! You will find a list of sick wines, mainly offered by the bottle, but some varieties are also available by the glass. If wine isn’t your thing, don’t panic, you’ll enjoy cocktails so beautiful you won’t want to drink them.
food level : something to snack on or even more if you want. In short, we loved having an aperitif there!

4816 Wellington Street, Verdun, QC H4G 1X4

do you also have nice hidden terraces to share † Come on, let your summer altruism express itself!

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