Sébastien Mazure, new Bayeux Football Club coach

Sébastien Mazure will become Bayeux FC’s new coach outside the season. ©Archive Frederic Bourgeois

Why did you sign as the new Bayeux FC coach?

For several reasons. The first is the sports project and the desire for me to find the highest regional level. I had been coaching at a lower level for a few years (note: in Region 3 at FC Baie de l’Orne) and I wondered what my real ambitions were. The Bayeux project had already presented itself last year, but I preferred to decline the club’s proposal. But this year I told myself that the train was not allowed to pass anymore because it would not pass for the third time.

Is it a logical challenge after training Courseulles and FC Baie de l’Orne?

Yes, clearly. It is in continuity. After 8 seasons at Courseulles I had to go back down a bit because I put in a lot of energy there and it had drained me a bit. The years that followed were calmer and quieter. It allowed me to see something else, to focus again on useful things in life. Now I want to strike back. Bayeux FC asked me, I immediately said yes.

“It is primarily a human challenge”

In addition to the sporting aspect, you also have to participate in the rebuilding of a club that has faced turmoil both on the ground and in management…

It’s just that. The sporting challenge applies to all clubs, but in Bayeux it is mainly a human challenge. There is a lot of work at this club that certainly should have been before the pandemic. He had a difficult season in sporting terms this year. There are many things to put in order, and in particular the minds of the players who will stay with me. Yann Fournier will be my assistant on the bench (note: Sébastien Mazure does not have the diploma to train in R1). He’s an old friend, someone you can trust. We will all have our responsibilities. I had to be accompanied, in order to delegate and also to have different opinions than mine.

The challenge is also to rebuild with players anchored in this city and in this club. The football school is running well, the results are good and the licensees are there. The educators are doing very well. It is important for a club to train players who can join the first teams to evolve in R3 and R1. Local youth.

The first team suffered from all the events that shocked the club. It’s up to us to give him back the desire and confidence to win matches and give back to outside players the desire to join us.

“We must put an end to the players who are not in love with this shirt”

You showed Courseulles that you are able to transcend players around the love of the game and the jersey, is that what you want to teach Bayeux FC?

Closing out with players who have come out of nowhere and are not attached to the project is the main goal. We must put an end to the players who are not in love with this shirt. Who have not invested in the project of this club. Bayeux is one of the most important clubs in the region, in a sports city with an excellent infrastructure. And a beautiful city to boot! We want to rebuild there, first on a human level and then give ourselves the means to realize our sporting ambitions.

Already have recruiting leads for the upcoming R1 season?

The idea, of course, is to bring added value to this team and we focused on our needs. We are working to get the agreement of players who we consider to be sporty and human important to find a working atmosphere focused on local anchoring.

Yes, new blood will be needed and we estimate that we will need 5 regional football players to strengthen us, but above all we want to continue with the players who gave for this shirt and who have Bayeux FC in their hearts. in the head. You need to recreate something around this shirt, something that may have been lost in previous seasons.

What will be the goal for next season?

The increase in N3 is not the goal! For a medium term project, yes, but aiming for the above level depends on several parameters. The rebuilding, the luck factor, the work factor… What we know is that we’re going to work hard and we expect the guys who follow us and join us to do the same. A healthy and ambitious work atmosphere will enthuse everyone.

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As a former pro of Stade Malherbe, you played more than 60 matches in Ligue 1 and a final of the Coupe de la Ligue in 2005… Does your name still appeal to the younger generations and can you attract players and create club dynamics?

To have a young coach who has played at a high level, who stands for enthusiastic football and who wants to succeed. Yes, I hope it can create something! For some, sure, but for other amateur players, it’s not necessarily their primary source of motivation. But I still rely on that to motivate the guys.

The former pro of Le Havre AC, Stade Malherbe de Caen and Saint-Etienne, who arrived at the club Courseulles in 2009, experienced the club's prime.  Marking the history of the Réveil Saint-Germain on all fronts.  In the league and in the cups.
The former pro of Le Havre AC, Stade Malherbe de Caen and Saint-Etienne, who arrived at the club Courseulles in 2009, marked the history of Réveil Saint-Germain. On all fronts, in the league and in the Cups of France and Basse-Normandie. ©Frédéric BOURGEOIS

You had returned to amateur football when you landed in Courseulles in 2009. First as a player, then as a coach. At the helm of the first team, which returned to the regional elite (DH) at the end of the 2011-2012 season. The following season remains etched in the history of Réveil Saint-Germain with a 7th round of the Coupe de France against Guingamp (L2) and a victory in the Basse-Normandie Cup in Ornano. We can say that you managed to motivate these hordes of amateurs…

But that was over 10 years ago and the generations go by and aren’t necessarily the same.

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