National Education Delegates honored by the Academic Director

A ceremony in honor of the outgoing departmental deputies of national education was organized on Wednesday, May 18 at the academic inspection in Agen, in the presence of Lot-et-Garonne academic director Patrice Lemoine and inspectors.

These delegates are appointed for four years by the DAcademic Director of the National Education Services. For more than a century, they have served public schools on a voluntary basis, ensuring good school conditions. They can be consulted on the suitability of construction projects, the layout and equipment of the property and any question related to the general operating conditions, the school environment.

During their school visit, they pay attention to the presence of students, the school structure, the condition of the buildings, their comfort, school furniture, computer and audiovisual equipment, sports facilities, catering, medical examinations, provision of classroom and library books, security within buildings, security outdoor, transportation, extracurricular services and the use of buildings resulting therefrom. They are required to attend one or more schools in the domains under their jurisdiction. They ensure that the relations between the different partners (teachers, parents, communities) are facilitated and that they protect the interests of the schools where they intervene for the well-being of the children.

As defenders of the core tenets of public schools, more particularly those of secularism and equality, they play a fully independent listening and proposal role on the three school boards of which they are ex officio.

An exemplary mission that is sometimes long-lasting

At the start of the 2021 academic year, a four-year reappointment phase, several delegates decided after many years of investing not to ask for reappointment. Among them, some have exemplarily fulfilled a lengthy mission, never losing sight of the fact that they had no other interest to defend than that of the children.

To thank them and in recognition of the services rendered, they were named honorary departmental delegates at this reception in their honor by Patrice Lemoine, Academic Director. “You have all served this happy institution, the school, by involving yourself, by adaptation, arbitration and by being a mediator between the teachers, but also the teachers and the parents to bring more harmony by being considerate and by also the defenders of the students”, underlined Patrice Lemoine. An honorary diploma has been awarded to the 19 people who leave this position.

Kindness, efficiency, discretion, solidarity, benevolence and investment were the qualities praised during the speeches for this regrettable departure.

Those who served the public school

It is about Marie-Carmen Berthoumieux (Scaliger School and RPI Laplume-Lamontjoie), Jean-Pierre Campesan (schools of Astaffort, elected to the CA of the Departmental Union, chairman of the delegations of Agen 2 and Agen 3), Marie-Claire Caumière (employed at the RPI Biron/Vergt de Biron/Lacapelle-Biron), Marcel Cazassus (schools of Agen Edouard-Herriot primary and kindergarten and the Georges Brassens school in Bon-Encontre), Robert Cohen-Haddad, (teacher in Agen at the school applicable, then in Villeneuve-sur-Lot at three schools. He was president of the DDEN Villeneuvois), Louise Conches-Refalo (Primary School of Caudecoste), Anne-Marie Couleau-Couzard (primary and kindergartens in Castelmoron-sur-Lot, small school in Granges-sur-Lot and two primary schools in Nérac), Jean-Louis Gallio, (Feugarolles primary school and interface) with the DDEN of Vianne), Jean-Pierre Fernandez (RPI Monclar/St Etienne-de-Fougères and Montpezat/St-Sardos), Marie-Hélène Fourcade (Fongrave-sur-Lot primary school), Sylvie Grenierone of the schools of Port-Sainte-Marie and Saint-Laurent), Roselyne Lassortn responsible for the RPI of Calignac-Espiens), Alain Penin, (Chairman of the Tonneins Nord delegation) became the delegation of Sainte-Livrade: four mandates), Elisabeth Pichard (school) Cancon Elementary School, elected mayor of the city), Joëlle Prere (specialized in kindergartens in La Goulfie and in Petits Ponts in Agen), Jean-Marie Rannou (Tombboeuf and Saint-Barthélémy schools), Michèle Ricaud (responsible for four terms for the two primary and kindergartens in Mézin), Thiéry Roque (Schools of Clermont-Dessous and Bazens. He is now co-president of the Maison de l’Europe).

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