Kiger, Oroch or Mégane Sedan, these Renaults that you don’t easily encounter in France

If it is in France that Renault is most successful, the diamond brand does not rely solely on France to sell cars. Countries like Brazil, Turkey or, not so long ago, Russia are far from negligible. And logically, the French manufacturer does not hesitate to develop specific vehicles for these equally important markets. That’s right, a little tour of the world of Renault models not imported to France, the existence of which you may not have known!

Renault Kiger


And we start with the Kiger, a small SUV of less than 4 m (exactly 3.99 m) which, like the Triber (see below) or the Kwid, rests on the same CMF-A+ platform as the Dacia Spring sold on our territory. Much wiser in its style than the concept of the same name that inspired it, it has a very modern interior with an 8″ touchscreen and 7″ digital instruments. Compact, yet suitable for a family. Judging by the volume of its hull, being correct its small size: 400 dm3. It is mainly designed and produced in India and can be found in the catalog in South Africa and Mozambique.

  • 3-cyl. 1.0 SCe petrol (71 or 72 hp) and 1.0 TCe petrol (100 hp)
  • 5-speed manual or 5-speed automated. or CVT
  • Dimensions L/W/H: 3.99/1.75/1.61m

Renault Megane Sedan/Grand Coupe

Megane Sedan/Grand Coupe
Megane Sedan/Grand Coupe©Renault

And we continue with a model that you are partially familiar with. The Mégane Sedan is indeed derived from the Mégane (thermal, of course) that we have known since 2016. Do we need to specify why we are not entitled to it? After the undecided experience of the Fluence or the previous Mégane 4-door (generations 1 and 2), Renault saw it not appropriate to import them to us. Like the five-door sedan and station wagon, it recently received a mid-career restyling. Assembled in Turkey, it is of course distributed locally, but also in Romania and in certain countries of the Middle East. In Poland and Serbia it should be called Grand Coupé.

  • 4-cyl. 1.3 TCe petrol (140 hp) and 1.5 dCi diesel (100 hp)
  • 6-speed manual gearbox. or 7-speed EDC dual clutch.
  • Dimensions L/W/H: 4.63/1.81/1.45 m

Renault Oroch

Orochia 2022
Orochia 2022©Renault

Perhaps you knew him as Duster Oroch? Well, when it recently benefited from a restyling, it lost the name “Duster” to simply become “Oroch”. It is a thoroughly redesigned version of the first generation Duster. Inside, the model we knew at home until 2017 is almost unrecognizable. Logically, Renault has thoroughly revised the dashboard and given the appearance of that of the latest Sandero. The main importance of the Oroch, compared to a Duster, is of course the payload: 683 dm3 in the dumpster.

  • 4-cyl. 1.6 petrol (115 or 118 hp, alc. 120 hp), 2.0 petrol (143, alc. 148 hp) and 1.3 TCe flexifuel petrol-ethanol (170 hp)
  • box man. 5 or 6 speeds, or 4 speeds automatic. or CVT
  • Dimensions L/W/H: 4.70/1.82/1.69 m

Renault Triber


With its name ending in “-er”, the Renault Triber is reminiscent of the Kiger SUV mentioned above. What could be more logical insofar as the latter is closely derived from the former quoted. But the Triber came out a little earlier and it has the particularity of carrying 7 passengers on board… while being the same size as the Kiger: 3.99 m. A limited size explained by local regulations. A vehicle over 4 meters will be heavily taxed in India, where it will be manufactured and marketed. But it can be found in Indonesia or Uganda.

  • 3-cyl. petrol 1.0 SCe (71 or 72 hp)
  • 5-speed manual or 5-speed automated.
  • Dimensions L/W/H: 3.99/1.74/1.66m

Renault Taliant


And we end our world tour of non-imported Renaults in Turkey, where the brand enjoys great success locally. The Taliant that interests us here and that replaces the symbol, if you could believe it to be a 4-door variant of the Clio, it is in fact a cleverly redesigned Dacia Logan of the latest generation. And this can be seen from the inside with a dashboard that is not taken from the Clio but from the Logan and therefore from the Sandero.

  • 3-cyl. petrol 0.9 SCe (65 hp) and TCe petrol (90 hp or LPG 100 hp)
  • Manual gearbox with 5 or 6 gears. or CVT
  • Dimensions L/W/H: 4.40/1.85/1.50 m

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