CFL: Danny Maciocia, of the Alouettes, explains there is a consensus for 3-try football

MONTREAL – The topic that often animates debates among football fans has surfaced with more force in recent days. Should the CFL imitate its imposing American neighbor and adopt the four-try system? So far the consensus is no.

This verdict was made by the presidents, general managers and head coaches of the teams meeting this week in Toronto for the week of the combined and discuss the future of the Canadian circuit known for its conservative side.

“Currently, we’ve agreed to find ways to keep what we have in place. We can change some things, but we will play three tries. We always want to find ways to improve the product in the field, we focus all our efforts in this direction, it is our mission this week. We’re trying to find ways to add entertainment and points to the board,” said Danny Maciocia, GM of the Alouettes.

I can’t forget that the pandemic has caused a huge backlash on the CFL as the 2020 season has been scrapped. The ground was still vulnerable to the 2021 relaunch as the preseason games were canceled and the schedule was reduced to 14 games. Many believe that this is the real cause of a less offensive season characterized by many one-sided games.

“I totally agree. The pandemic, the canceled season, the absence of preparatory games, it hurt us,” Maciocia agreed before going there with a very relevant follow-up.

“I don’t like it when you panic after a year. It’s not something we’ve been doing for five or ten years. †

Still, because of its economic fragility, the CFL cannot rest on its laurels. On the contrary, it should show a desire for avant-garde with respect for its nature. All nine clubs were therefore invited to submit proposals.

“It’s difficult to go into the details, but the fact that we keep playing three tries is a decision that we really like, we share this vision. That said, we’ve just left a rules meeting and more will follow. We want to improve our type of football, that’s the common goal,” said Maciocia.

Realistically, the Montreal general manager wouldn’t promise that the three-test formula was set in stone.

“I cannot predict the future. […] Only crazy people don’t change their minds, but we firmly believe in three-down football. That said, we need to talk about improvements every year,” Maciocia noted.

This eternal quest is essential as the sports landscape is changing rapidly. Furthermore, while sports betting abounds, have economic incentives led to four-try football being considered to attract more supporters?

“I never felt that people were forcing us to think deeply about the four essays. We had good discussions, it was well done and in a respectful way. I feel much better after these exchanges, knowing that we want to improve our competition and our product with three tries,” Maciocia said.

Sitting next to him, head coach Khari Jones was much less chatty than usual on the subject. His opinion left no room for doubt.

“I knew we would talk about it (in this media availability). But my main focus is on making three-try football even better. I’ll stop there,” said Jones, who has played in the CFL universe for 25 years.

Adams Jr. compete with the leadership

After all, Jones must first ensure that his team continues to grow in 2022. Maciocia retained quarterbacks Vernon Adams Jr. and Trevor Harris for good reason, while adding Dominique Davis.

“It’s wonderful, we end up with three athletes who have experience. Vernon will come in with a lead but it’s still a game and the guys know it. We are in a strong position for quarterbacks and our focus will be on delivering quality performance in this position. This is what we need and we feel we have the people to make it happen,” Jones said.

On the defensive side, Jones realizes that his defensive coordinator Barron Miles has to juggle several changes.

“I can’t wait to see all these new players, they look like solid changes to me. Our defense has improved in the latter part of the season and we have added important elements. Every year is different so we knew we would have work to do but we will have a full training camp (this time) so we are approaching everything with confidence,” Jones concluded.

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