Football: FC Sion receives Lucerne and wants to keep


With the reception of FC Lucerne, the Walliser club has a first maintenance this Wednesday that aims to transform it. The Tourbillon meeting is like a championship final.

For their audience, the players of FC Sion, of whom we recognize Sio, Baltazar and Benito, have not won against Lausanne since 2 March.

Pascal Muller/fresh focus

Sion has not played in the Swiss Cup final since 2017, when he relinquished his invincibility status. In Geneva, the Valais had clearly lost to Basle (0-3) what had been “their” trophy until then, systematically being entered with an impressive 13/13 before being forced to let go of the object of their dedication.

Unlucky because in what has long been their favorite competition, however, the Tourbillon club is preparing to play against Lucerne, which has every reason to become another final, but this time a championship.

The data is simple: by winning this Wednesday night, Paolo Tramezzani’s protégés confirm their presence in the Super League next season. Any other result, a fortiori defeat, would prolong the tension and start the battle for maintenance once again.

“Sion has to play this game to win it. Settling for a draw could be too dangerous.”

Christophe Moulin, former FC Sion . coach

In Valais, you no longer have to squirm or think too much. “This match, explains Christophe Moulin, Sion has to play it to win it. Settling for a draw could be too dangerous, even if, given the evolution of the encounter, a point could also be satisfying.

The Tramezzani Method

The Valais knows very well the atmosphere that leads these competitions. The former Tourbillon coach had won the 2006 final (5-3 on pens, 1-1 aet against YB), while Sion, then playing in the Challenge League, had not yet stamped his promotion ticket.

“I see Sion winning more by being minimalist than by showing panache”

Johann Lonfat, blue sports consultant

Maybe win, but how? Johann Lonfat, an observant observer, wonders if the Sedu players are able (willing?) to finish the match, which they have never been able to do at home, where the team is left with four failures. “I will be surprised if I see them conquer and start the match with a bang,” the former international agrees. Their method is the Tramezzani method, that is, doing Sion, being very low to the ground trying to counter.

For Lonfat, the Tourbillon resident’s room for maneuver remains narrow. “Sion doesn’t have the team to impose his game, laments the blue Sport advisor. But you can win in different ways. I see Sion winning more by being minimalist than by showing panache.”

What is left for them to play?

FC Sion (7th, 37 points): receives Lucerne, goes to Lausanne, receives Servette.
Grasshopper (8th, 36 points): goes to Basel, receives Saint-Gall, goes to Bern.
Lucerne (9th, 33 points): goes to Sion, receives Young Boys, goes to Zurich.

Do the Valais dare to free themselves from the pressure and take extra risks? Christophe Moulin would like to validate this thesis. “Sion has to make do with the game, not with the math,” he said. There are enough experienced players on this team not to be tense about what is at stake. When you start calculating, you always pay the price.”

The weight of the audience

For his former coach, Sion will have to use the crowd (more than 10,000 spectators expected) to “finish the game”.

If a draw weren’t likely to be catastrophic, given a fairly favorable Walliser calendar (with Lausanne and Servette scheduled for the last two days), defeat would be much more likely. “If Sion were to let its luck slip, Christophe Moulin concludes, it could quickly get confused.”

It would therefore be better for FC Sion to close this Wednesday evening. We’ll see in a few hours how…

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