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Since putting on his first cleats at the age of 6, Pincourt Tysen-Otis Copeland has come a long way. He just got called up to the Canadian Football League.

He heard his name spoken in the fourth round (33rd overall). The team that selected him, his favorite team, his youth team, the Quebec team: the Montreal Alouettes.

It was my number one choice. Playing professionally for my family was my dream ‘ he calls feverishly on the phone Monday evening.

The 6.1, 200-pound behemoth knew it would be summoned, but when and by whom remained a mystery.

All teams in the league, except Calgary, had expressed interest. But Montreal, what luck ‘ he repeated enthusiastically.

He didn’t steal this opportunity. Ironically, in his youth he was always the smallest of his team. He persevered and put into practice the good advice of his father, who coached him until he was 12.

In high school, he was already an important player in the Intrépides du Chêne-Bleu.

In cegep, which had grown larger and more robust, he became a leading product of John Abbott’s training. Then he knew he would be “pro” one day.

This year Copeland wore the uniform of the University of Montreal Carabins. Despite an injury that sidelined him for part of the season and the playoffs, he had two interceptions and 20.5 tackles.

A model

I am very happy to be the first from my high school to be called up to the CFL. I want to be a model for young people and tell them not to give up because yes you can pursue great honor even if you come from a small place

My coaches have helped me a lot to improve in all aspects of the game. If I become an “If”, I owe them it he adds.

Two other people who have always been there for him, encouraging him, supporting him and paying the registration fee: his parents. Tony and Marie, who still live in Pincourt, are bombarded with congratulations for their son, the news” small star of the place.

In addition, he and his family experienced this very special moment in the life of a football player.

We were all in the living room with my grandparents, my parents, my brothers, my cousins ​​and my aunt watching the draw on TV. The very moment I saw my name appear on the screen, Danny Maciocia called me. It was special to celebrate with my whole family

My family has always supported me and they are still there for me when I need to make important decisions.

Speaking of big decisions, Tysen will have quite a bit to take next year. In fact, the final decision will not be his, but it is he who will be able to force the management of the Alouettes to keep him in the training camp.

One thing is for sure, he will be ready to take the plunge. The young man of 24 years imposes an almost military training. Six out of seven days in training, 4 gym sessions a week, three long runs, sometimes twice a day. It’s an automatic.

Moreover, it does not deviate from a healthy and balanced diet. † I calculate my calories, my proteins and my fat percentage. A strict diet

His speed, his trademark

This iron discipline is not new. Ever since Tysen-Otis Copeland decided to stop kicking a round football and catching an oval football, he has always put his passion for the sport forward instead of ” side

On the 100 meter long rectangular track, its greatest strength is its versatility. His speed, his athletic physique and his fighting spirit are three other key elements to not only getting a job with the Alouettes, but also making sure he lasts.

I can play in multiple positions. My favorite is the cornerback. I like competition ‘ proclaims the youngest of the family.

I play soccer because my older brother played for me

If he ever finds himself holed up in the Alouettes’ camp, Tysen will return to complete his college education with the Carabins defensive brigade. Again, he will have to run with the ball, protect his quarterback and hit his opponents without getting hurt.

NFL, why not?

Now that Copeland is one step away from crossing the goal line and going there for his little dance for the conversion of a seven-point “touchdown” with the Birds, he has the right to dream of his ultimate dream, the NFL, the American football league. with huge salaries.

I play football for fun and because I like it. Money is secondary says the person who studies electrical engineering.

For now, he just wants to enjoy his roster, proud of his career. And for good reason.

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