Objective World Championships for the French teams

For the first time this year, the World Championships will no longer be held in one block, but in multiple locations and deadlines, most notably in Herning for show jumping, dressage, vaulting and para dressage and Pratoni del Vivaro for eventing and driving. On the occasion of the International Jumping of La Baule, the federal staff returned to the objectives and preparation for the various disciplines.

This year, the sports planet will vibrate to the sounds of the World Championships in almost all disciplines. An event not to be missed, but also an opportunity, as Frédéric Bouix and Sophie Dubourg, DTN remind us, to highlight other disciplines that are not Olympic or Paralympic. Disciplines such as aerobatics, endurance or driving, whose French representatives regularly climb to the highest steps of the podium. † These are disciplines that are also conducive to development and there is consistency between the discovery of these disciplines from the first level and the high level with actors that are sometimes common » emphasizes Frédéric Bouix. For the Olympic and Paralympic disciplines, these worlds are moving towards another major event, where all eyes are on, the Paris 2024 Olympics. As the host country, France will benefit from direct qualifiers,” however, there is pressure to prepare as best and as many seasoned couples as possible for the championships in all disciplines. We will therefore use these World Championships to further harden our pairs with the aim of winning medals, and perhaps prepare new pairs two years after the Olympics. develops Sophie Dubourg.

To jump

As national coach Henk Nooren explains, the discipline is in a transition year, with horses retired or sold: ” we need to build new couples. More than the worlds, the biggest target remains Paris 2024 To prepare new horses and riders, the staff’s strategy will be to integrate new pairs into the Nations Cups of the coming months, arriving in Herning in August with a solid team.

Para dressage

In Herning, the competition will be held from August 9-14, with the first two days devoted to the individual titles, two days to the team event and on the last day, the top eight of each class will compete for the Freestyle. “We have four reference races in the sports season, two have already taken place in Deauville and Waregem. We managed to get two thirds as a team and individually, which shows that the work of the past few years is starting to pay off,” explains Fanny Delaval, responsible for para dressage. The next meetings will take place in June in Kronenberg in the Netherlands and in Grote-Brogel in Belgium. At the end of these deadlines, six couples will be pre-selected,” and we keep the four best couples after a week-long course in July in Saumur. We will also take the opportunity to work on Freestyle, the point of progress we have set ourselves for this year.” With sixth place per team at the Tokyo Olympics, the aim would be to remain among the top eight teams in the world in Herning, while moving closer to the best individual results as the pairs build for Paris 2024.


The appointment of Jean Morel as national coach was accompanied by a new sports project aimed at the individualization of training, with the support of the riders’ private trainers. † The big deadlines should be used to boost our French couples. We have a large number of horses and couples with potential. We can always fall back on a few experienced couples. Groups have been suggested that are well followed by riders. » explains Emmanuelle Schramm, DTN assistant responsible for dressage. The competition programs are also individualized according to the needs of the horses and the geographical location of the couples.

We try to confront them a little more with foreigners so that they become aware of the small gaps they have in setting up their tests adds Jean Morel. After Compiègne, four riders go to the Nations Cup in Rotterdam while others go to other competitions. For the world championships, the staff can count on experienced horses. But the aim of the season also remains to promote and train young horses and riders.

Focus on other disciplines

Since the federal staff of the other disciplines could not make the trip to La Baule, Sophie Dubourg summarized the different objectives. Thus, the goal of the eventing at Pratoni del Vivaro remains a team medal, thanks to very solid combinations. Our completers will also face the Italian field this week in a Nations Cup that also serves as a test event. In motoring, for which the world championships are also held in Pratoni, the team that finished just short of the 2018 podium wants to win a medal this year. † We have a team with quite a few but very solid leaders to get this medal from Pratoni. “. In perseverance towards Verona with “ a very flat and very technical terrain. The goal is to succeed in finding internships and competitions to prepare you as best as possible. We are hopeful, it is a discipline that brings medals, with strong dynamics and riders who know how to keep their horses “. Finally the last discipline present in Herning, aerobatics, where the chances of medals are again high for the men with Lambert Leclezio, the women with Manon Mouthino. A team is also being formed with some of our best elements. The summer promises to be rich in emotions!

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