Montpellier / Suicide of the captain: the rise of the gendarmerie confirms the moral intimidation

Nadia Mostefa, who was 40 years old, was described as a “police officer of the heart” (©Thierry Bramat)

Metropolitan referred to internal harassment, following the recent suicide of the Gendarmerie Captain Nadia Mostefauntil Montpelier. The magazine L’Essor de la gendarmerie confirms this in a long article entitled “These calls from Nadia Mostefa that embarrass the gendarmerie”.

The captain of the Gendarmerie who was 40 years old set fire to his car parked in the parking lot of a billboard in Pierrevives, in Montpellier, had in fact made numerous appeals against the Poor, a conflict that had started in Dijon. It is “a terrible drama” and “an inconsolable sadness,” wrote the director-general of the national gendarmerie, Christian Rodriguez, on Twitter. The rise of the gendarmerie in his latest episode. “But the suicide of Nadia Mostefa, who set herself on fire in Montpellier in mid-March, is also an explosive affair for the Gendarmerie. Because if the causes of this drama must first be found on the side of the conflict between the mother and her ex-husband over the custody of their child, the captain of the Gendarmerie was also in open conflict with the Institution”, – writes him, confirming the information disseminated from Metropolitan at the time.

six professions

Last March, a knowledgeable Paris source assured Metropolitan what Nadia Mostefa was complaining about recurring moral harassment since his transfer to the gendarmerie group of Hérault, to the barracks of Font-Couverte, at the request of the general in command of the Burgundy-Franche Comté region. “This plight probably didn’t help. This technical and administrative support officer had lodged six appeals in the past two years. More specifically, it concerns two appeals against his rating, two in disciplinary cases and two against his placement on long-term sick leave. In other words, the expression of a certain resentment against the weapon. These procedures, which reveal a tense professional climate, sound different today, after the suicide of the gendarmerie. Nadia Mostefa did indeed report intimidation and violence,” the magazine said.

The military was fully aware of this intense conflict. Captain Nadia Mostefa also had theGeneral Inspectorate of the Gendarmerie (Editor’s note: the equivalent of the General Inspectorate of the National Police, IGPN, the police) and her cell stop-discri. One of Nadia Mostefa’s appeals, of which L’Essor de la Gendarmerie had a copy, describes the chronology of this professional decline. Ce document date d’un peu plus d’un an, en février 2021. « A l’époque, le supérieur de la capitaine est le général Jean-Valéry Lettermann, alors patron des gendarmes de l’Occitanie, dont de l’Hérault So. He is now the head of the public relations department of the Gendarmerie, the Sirpa. In addition to the sensitivity of this dossier, this undoubtedly explains why the follow-up to the Nadia Mostefa affair was attributed to the Director General’s office. It is indeed difficult to imagine General Lettermann giving directions in a dossier where he was one of the parties,” L’Essor said.

“Red Sphere”

“Montpellier, the mood quickly turned red† The officer was appointed in the spring of 2020 as head of the non-officer personnel department of the administrative training of the Languedoc en Roussillon. The situation was clearly complex. The gendarme is thus both one of the accusers and one of the respondents. According to our information, he was indeed accused of harassing staff,” said the Rise of the Gendarmerie. Nadia Mostefa was finally arrested in mid-December 2020. Then, in January 2021, a psychiatrist estimated that she would have to take sick leave until May 26, 2021 and then be placed on long-term sick leave. † But the captain, who will ultimately not return to his office, does not hear it that way. Even if she plans to continue her career in the private sector very soon, she doesn’t want to let it go.

“She was honest”

“She was integrates to the point of fundamentalism, one of his relatives recalled, quoted by the magazine. She was unanimously against her for not being afraid to expose things. For the captain, her hierarchy tries to push her out of the gendarmerie by relying on the medical profession, which she says has been instrumentalized. “The command was content to first declare its intention to fire the captain to military medicine, to give her a fake medical veneer,” her lawyer argued in the February 2021 appeal. A decision that would accompany it, writes the attorney, along with notification of a previous disciplinary penalty.

The clash of Dijon

Nadia Mostefa’s so far brilliant career actually spiraled out of control during her previous posting. In August 2019, she was appointed Chief of Staff and Communications Officer for the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. A position she will then say she has reluctantly taken, because he brings her closer to her former husband, whom she accused of violence and rape, an ex-husband who took advantage of a layoff. “However, from the start of the school year in September, things went badly for his boss, Major General Thierry Cailloz, who would have gone out of his way to bring her in. The reason? According to relatives of the gendarme, she is being set aside because she opened up to her professional entourage about her family problems. That would have been badly perceived, the captain estimated, in a gendarmerie that is still very conservative about the place and role of women,” the L’Essor editors added.

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“Triple Punishment”

Indeed, a single mother, Nadia Mostefa, has to combine her child’s education and her professional life against a background of conflict with her former husband. Originally from the Moselle, more precisely from Folschviller, this daughter of a modest Algerian couple feared that we would see in her only a “social case”. A situation the captain wanted to expose through a book she was preparing. His function? “Triple Punishment”, said a friend from Dijon. “Being a woman in the gendarmerie is not easy, being an Arab woman is even more complicated,” sums up this relative. Relations between Nadia Mostefa and Thierry Calloz became particularly tense in October 2019. According to the gendarme, despite a closed door, she heard her boss shouting on the phone that he wanted to get rid of her. The captain is immediately surprised. A heated discussion begins. A few weeks later she was transferred to Montpellier. A gendarme from Dijon describes Nadia Mostefa as: “very professional”, with whom it was a pleasure to work with. It’s the same feeling that arose in Montpellier.

Constable at heart

Work was indeed one of the personal pillars of this police officer of the heart. Putting her on sick leave was tantamount to plunging her into a depression, believe her relatives, conjuring up the blues of these days, interrupted only by her child’s school, apart from a spare room activity which was subsequently successfully launched on the hotel reservations site. Her son was everything to her. The morning of her terrible performance in the parking lot of a billboard in Pierrevives, in Montpellier, she had learned that the juvenile court of Dijon took over custody of her in favor of the fathers, and reversed the decision of the magistrate from here. “It was the loss of custody of her son that made her commit suicide, but the National Gendarmerie pushed her instead of supporting her,” her best friend testified in the columns of the Boom. The investigation into the suicide of the gendarmerie officer has been entrusted to the national police of Montpellier.

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