Football: our top 5 possible future Lausanne-Sport coaches


The LS presents its future “CEO” (as the English say) Leen Heemskerk on Thursday during her “Papet”. We will have to wait for the coach. Since we are not patient, we have compiled a small list of our favorites anyway.

With what head to fill this void?

Jean Guy Python/fresh focus

Ludovic Magnin

The coach who has the gnaque.

The coach who has the gnaque.

fresh focus

He is the most logical candidate, even if he only completed the LS in his younger years. The current coach of SCR Altach in Austria may not succeed in saving the miracle of his club. But there is undoubtedly valuable experience gained, he who is still a very young coach. Excellent motivator, Vaudois, ambitious, he sticks to what Ineos is looking for for 2022/2023. And if he refuses because he does not like the project of the British company, then at worst we will ask his father Jean-Claude. It remains to be seen who will adopt the nickname Kéké. There’s one in every team anyway.

As for Jean-Michel’s marriage, don’t worry, no one has this first name in the LS contingent.

Uli Fortea

A withering smile (left).

A withering smile (left).

Pascal Muller/fresh focus

Character, determination, in-depth knowledge of Swiss football and even… recent experience in the canton of Vaud. It started very well with Yverdon and the Italian-Swiss coach kept the Nord-Vaudois dreaming until the semi-finals of the Swiss Cup. With YS, he has a balanced record of 10 wins, 10 draws and 10 losses. The “strong way” also means no hesitation in throwing players in at the deep end and Lausanne-Sport may need that in the weeks following relegation.

We saw it this season at La Tuilière: the best Lausanne recruits were undoubtedly the closest: at Team Vaud or Stade Lausanne Ouchy…

John Heitinga

A legendary defender (with Luis Figo next to it).

A legendary defender (with Luis Figo next to it).


New Dutch boss-fan of Ajax Amsterdam, club with a local philosophy based on the talent of its young people and legend of the forward game… Yes, you see me coming, the future coach of Lausanne-Sport could be a good ajacid- technician have face. So why not strip Johnny Heitinga, the former Dutch international, who is currently in charge of the Ajax reserve? He never coached from “one”, but went through all the other floors of the Johan Cruijff Arena and the 38-year-old coach took his young troop (average 19.2 years!) to 7th place in the Kitchen Champion Division, the 2nd division from The Netherlands.

It would be necessary to be convincing, that is true.

Alex Freic

Okay, he's gotten a little old.

Okay, he’s gotten a little old.

Andy Mueller/Fresh Focus

I do not hide from you that the former attacker of Servettien and Rennes is my little dream, to put as a present on the couch in La Tuilière. After looking after his career after football (sporting director of Lucerne, coach of AS Timau, member of the board of directors of FC Basel, then manager at Wil and now Winterthur), Frei is living a beautiful dream at the head of “Winti”. The Zurichers are just three points away from promotion to the next level. If he doesn’t take the plunge, the 42-year-old Basel would have the character that runs well and the knowledge of the difficult Division 2 needed for the operation to recapture LS.

At worst, we could certainly have a good laugh at a press conference.

Meho Kodro

When we got cold at Pontaise, we were shielded.

When we got cold at Pontaise, we were shielded.

Pascal Muller/fresh focus

One of the few “diamonds of Souleymane Cissé” is clearly Zeki Amdouni, a rare rookie who hasn’t been clear of LS for a few centuries. And why not suddenly persevere and see what the neighbor of Stade Lausanne Ouchy is doing well? Because the 55-year-old Bosnian is beginning to know French-speaking football well, he who spent 433 days in Servette and missed the climb twice, despite an interesting record (42 matches, 24 successes, 11 draws and only 7 defeats). He took charge of the SLO nearly two years ago and left his mark on it from the start, before catching up in recent weeks.

Well, we’ll have to start forcing him to speak French a little bit soon.

We could also have told you about possible leads Mauro Lustrinelli, Raphaël Wicky – two recognized trainers and resolutely modern coaches -, Adrian Ursea – also aimed at the youth, but probably a bit too pronounced OGC Nice that would stain after the recent divorce – or go to Andrea Binotto. But this article had already gone a bit too far in the good ideas. What is certain is that everyone, including the media, is eagerly awaiting the new coach.

Just enough to have the right to talk to a technician about football again without being snubbed!

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