Football. Mbappé is fighting for his image rights in the club and in the country.

The image rights of Kylian Mbappé at the heart of the negotiations in Blue as in the club: scratched by the President of the Federation Noël Le Graët, going back and forth between Paris SG and Real Madrid, the attacker seems to want to mix up the practices in force shake up the marketing rights.

Kylian Mbappe’s image rights at the heart of negotiations in Blue and at the club.


“If he doesn’t accept the operation, he has no money, that’s all,” the president of the French Football Federation (FFF) launched on Sunday in L’Equipe, to the chagrin of Mbappe and his entourage.

Le Graët recalled the episode of the star’s refusal to participate in a marketing event of the Blues in March. It was “to push the lines,” explains the Mbappé camp, which has been asking for the agreement to be renegotiated for four years.

The player’s entourage explains that if he wants more, it’s not for his wallet, but to redistribute it completely to working in amateur football.

Since the Braillard law, what is known in common language as the “bonus” for players in the French team, 25,000 euros per game, is in fact an image right.

The star is of course requested by all sponsors of the five players needed to activate the use of collective image rights.

There have been some abuses, such as one of these Blues partners who pinned a life-size cardboard silhouette of Mbappé with four players on it in miniature size to get to the count of five…

‘Mbappe asks for access rights’

“Beware of the misunderstanding”, explains AFP Gaël Mahé, match agent and sports agent, “Mbappé and his advisers only ask for the right of access, they do not doubt the image right in the French team, only that he say no to certain activities that are not in conform to its values”.

On the other hand, the agent believes that this “commercial struggle damages the player’s image”, that he “may be wrong to put himself out of the game by seeming to ask more than other players. Not for him. It French team is a legacy.

In any case, the subject is crucial for the 2018 world champion (23 years), requested by the biggest brands, especially with the approach of the 2022 World Cup.

“This subject of image rights is at the heart of the sports sector,” lawyer Didier Poulmaire told AFP.

Article L 222-2-10-1 of the Sports Law that also allows players to pay for image rights “unfortunately does not apply to relations between sports federations and the selected”, specifies the fiduciary lawyer, very active in the world of sports .

In this regard, “the relationship between the FFF and Mbappé therefore remains subject to the conclusion of a specific contract regarding the conditions for the exploitation of its image rights,” he explains.

“An opportunity for French sport”

“The Mbappé clan is certainly right to defend its image rights, but the FFF for its part is right to maintain a homogeneous approach to this topic, not only with all other players but also with regard to the collective interest.” that is the raison d’être of a federation”, continues Poulmaire.

But for the lawyer, this “seeming problem is in fact an opportunity for French sport, the opportunity to develop the relationships that the FFF establishes with the players in order to bring them into the modern era, which (of the social network) Tik- Tok and NFTs”, these tamper-resistant digital assets.

The player and his entourage did not realize that the affair was taking place in the public square, nor the timing of Le Graët’s intervention. But also in Spain the question of his Mbappé image rights is in broad daylight.

Seen from Madrid, she is the sticking point of the French prodigy’s hypothetical transfer to Real, who has still not renewed his contract with Paris SG, which expires at the end of June.

According to the Spanish daily El Pais, in mid-March, after the elimination of PSG by Real, the “White House” made a new offer to Mbappé: 180 million euros in signing bonus and an annual net salary of 40 million euros (figures by the entourage of the player considered fantasy by PSG), and 50% of his image rights, as for all his players.

But the Mbappé camp would prefer 100%, which is what PSG offers. According to some sources, Real would be willing to negotiate a 60-40 split in favor of Mbappe. Enough to convince the star?

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