These Frenchmen who come to party in Barcelona… every weekend

They are French and fell in love with the festive life of the Catalan capital. To the point of coming back very regularly, even to settle there. Met.

Photo: Clementine Laurent/Equinox

“My plane arrives in Barcelona at 1am on Thursday if it’s late, so I’m going straight to the club”, laughs Yannick. This friendly thirty-year-old lives in Strasbourg during the week and in Barcelona two weekends a month. He rents an apartment in the Sants district all year round, has applied for his foreign resident number (NIE) and completed all the administrative formalities to enjoy his festive life in the Catalan capital without any problems.

This trained pastry chef has established his routine well. Get up in the afternoon, have a quiet lunch on the beach to think about what he will do in the evening. The evening program varies little: succession of Happy Hours, evenings in clubs and afters. Back in Strasbourg, Yannick continues to check social networks to follow the news from Barcelona. “Sometimes when I only see pictures of evenings that happened during the week without me, it frustrates me a bit”, confides the resident of Strasbourg who admits that he has invested almost 30% of his salary in his Catalan escapades. “Now I know the good plans. I manage to get into clubs for free and drink drinks without paying, otherwise half my salary would go there,” he trusts. But Yannick has no intention of taking the plunge and settling in Barcelona for good. “The temptation would be too great, I would sink into the night and lose my job”confides in the pastry chef a certain seriousness.

From tourist to resident

Eric, on the other hand, could very well go from a weekend Barcelonan to a full-time Barcelonan. In particular, this entrepreneur could open a subsidiary in the Catalan capital. “It’s in the Pipes”he assures. For several years now, the quadra has been living between Perpignan, Toulouse and Barcelona. Every weekend, he accumulates miles on the highway to get to his apartment near the Arc de Triomf and enjoy the city’s restaurants. “There I entered the cycle of testing all the stars of Barcelona, ​​proof that I am aging badly”, trusts this Toulouse by adoption in a burst of laughter. “The Catalans go out with their families, everyone talks to each other, the neighbors are friendlier than in France, I like this climate, continues the entrepreneur, and then the whole world lives in Barcelona, ​​I want to be there too! †

BarcelonaTiffany, she’s already taken the plunge and she’s all Barcelona now. In the heart of the city, Plaça Reial, his apartment serves as an accommodation, office and reception to celebrate with his friends. “I can go out almost every night of the week, visit friends, receive them at home or enjoy a roof terrace. Teleworking saves us sleeping time in the morning., says the young woman. Tiffany left Nancy during the Covid crisis to join her friends in Barcelona and enjoy life in Barcelona.

She found a job at Google and organizes her festive life with a certain discipline. “I’m frugal, I only spend a third of my salary on going out and on weekdays I manage to go to bed at midnight. And if I’m tired of working from home the next day, I can take a cool shower anytime to give myself a boost.” explains the Nancy. To prepare for her vacation, Tiffany has a precise organization. She is inspired by the parties she sees on Instagram and in turn prepares her evenings meticulously. † I like to dress up. set up themed evenings and then publish everything on social networks with a good staging. In fact, I get frustrated with people who don’t, even though I know it’s voyeurism.” make fun of the French.


Like them, hundreds of French people come to live in Barcelona to enjoy the city’s festive life. Following the Covid restrictions and the interrogation, the Catalan capital threatens to see this influx further in the coming months.

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