Prince Harry shines through absence during tribute to Prince Philip

The mass in honor of Prince Philip, who died last year at the age of 99, took place on March 29 in the absence of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. Queen Elizabeth II, who recently canceled engagements due to health concerns, made her first official outing in five months to commemorate her 73-year-old husband, “her rock”, the Duke of Edinburgh.

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Prince Harry has only been to England twice since he and his wife moved to California two years ago: last April, for the funeral of his grandfather Philip, then for the unveiling of a statue of Diana, in July. Relations between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family remain rather cold. As a bonus, Harry will soon be releasing his memoirs and fears more shocking revelations.

In addition, Harry had refused to attend the service in Philip’s memory, to celebrate the deceased’s contribution to public life, and possibly the anniversary festivities. He usually does not go with his family unless he is given adequate police protection, which has been refused, though the Sussex have cited “extremist and neo-Nazi” threats among other things. However, according to some, this would just be an excuse not to attend these events.

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A desired, but unlikely visit
On this, and to throw a stone in the pond, the Prince took legal action against the British Home Office to have his application reviewed and the protection applied. Harry’s lawyer clarified that the Prince isn’t necessarily hoping to travel to England for a major royal event, but wants to see family and friends and, most importantly, visit the Queen as soon as possible.

Why is it so important for him to visit Her Majesty? Because after the stormy divorce
of her parents, followed by the tragic death of Diana, Elizabeth II took her under her wing and acted as a surrogate mother. She was like a mainstay to him. Some even said he was the Queen’s favorite grandson. That said, according to some sources, the prince will take advantage of the Invictus Games, taking place in the Netherlands in April, to discreetly visit his grandmother at Buckingham Palace. Harry is still the sponsor of this contest for disabled soldiers.

The sad queen
Obviously, in addition to the bickering, the Sovereign wants to see her great-grandchildren Archie and Lilibet, because the family is important to her. Sadly, Meghan and Prince Harry’s children seem out of reach, much to her chagrin. In fact, she hasn’t named the Sussexes’ daughter, Lilibet, after her yet. It goes without saying that if a visit were to take place – if Harry is given the desired protection – it would be an important step towards reconciliation between the Windsors.

So far, neither the Sussexes nor the Queen have confirmed anything. But according to an expert on the monarchy, it’s impossible for Harry to cut ties permanently and disown his family.

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No balcony for the Sussexes
When Harry, Meghan and their children finally make it to London for the big parade and the royal family salute to Buckingham, chances are they won’t get a balcony seat. This recalls the anniversary of 2012, for which Charles had excluded all minor members of the family, as well as his brothers, Andrew and Edward, and their families… In short, all those who do not play an important role in the Windsor clan.

Speaking of Charles, who also never met his granddaughter, he is said to have contacted his son, whom he last saw at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral last year.

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