Manitobans Call for Abortion Rights in the US and Action in Canada

Music, songs and cries of protest could be heard outside the Manitoba parliament building for nearly an hour.

Protest organizer Kat Greer wants to show her support for American women, who she says are at risk of losing a basic human right.

It is our duty to develop empathy for other people and defend their rights when they are violatedshe says in an interview with Radio-Canada.

One of the participants, Karen Smith, agrees. It is important for us to show our solidarity with our sisters around the world.

Karen Smith is a mom and assures it was her choice. And according to her, it should be everyone’s choice.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Walther Bernal

Canada needs to do better too

Kat Greer took the opportunity to provide an update on access to abortion in Canada, which remains a problem in many northern communities and remote regions.

Three women with plates.

Manitoba pro-choice protest had signs saying ‘women’s lives are more important than a potential baby’ and ‘take care of your own womb’

Photo: Radio-Canada / Walther Bernal

In Canada, she believes the various governments should have a better investment plan to allow better access to abortion for all women, as well as invest in mental health related to abortion.

On the Manitoba side, she finds it unacceptable that reproductive health is no longer the domain of the Ministry of Health, but of the Ministry of the Status of Women.

They don’t see it as a health problemshe complains.

Kat Greer stands May 8, 2022.

Kat Greer is the organizer of the protest. She is also co-chair of Handmaids’ Local 204 & 431 Manitoba, an advocacy group that advocates for abortion rights in Manitoba.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Walther Bernal

Learn from history

The speaker at the event, Leslie Braun, has more than 40 years of service in the health system as a nurse, including several years in women’s health.

She reminded participants that the history of reproductive health support in Manitoba is recent and it is necessary to protect the achievements.

Leslie Braun on May 8, 2022 in Winnipeg.

Leslie Braun has over 40 years of health experience, including several years in women’s health.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Walther Bernal

For example, it was in 2004 that an independent clinic in Manitoba for women’s access to reproductive health care finally received funding, after nearly 23 years of service.

Once a battle seems to have been won, we forget how long it took and how hard people had to work to make it happen. I don’t want people to forget […] and I don’t think we’re completely out of the water, we’re not safe, we could lose these women’s rights and that could be tragic.

political actions

NDP MP for St. John and House Leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), Nahanni Fontaine, is a long-time activist for the reproductive rights of women and gender diverse people.

She came to the protest to support Kat Greer’s initiative and to call for greater political involvement.

Whenever there is an opportunity to come together and come together, to reaffirm the right of access to abortion, it is important, and everyone should be there.

She is concerned about promoting the reproductive rights of women and gender diverse people in Canada.

Nahanni Fontaine at the abortion rights protest on May 8, 2022 in Winnipeg.

Nahanni Fontaine is the NDP MP for St. John and House Leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP).

Photo: Radio-Canada / Walther Bernal

It is important to know who we vote for and who we place in parliamentsshe says.

She emphasizes that there is still a lot of work to be done with regard to the recognition of abortion as a human right and right to health.

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