Lou Lamoriello has fired Barry Trotz, one of the NHL’s best coaches

It’s always the fault of the coach

How many times have we heard that phrase? The players play badly, but that’s because of the coach, like…

Well, on Long Island it’s the… coach who comes from? Pay for the team’s difficult 2021-22 season.

Trotz has been the Islanders coach since 2018.

During his four seasons behind the team bench, he was knocked out in the second round and then in Conference Final/Third Round two years in a row. All this despite teams that didn’t impress that much on paper…

Unfortunately, the magic didn’t work in 2021-22. The Islands completed a first season in the UBS ArenaBelmont Park) with a record of 37-35-10, good for fifth place in the Metropolitan Division… 16 points behind the Capitals and a playoff spot.

It was GM Lou Lamoriello who showed Trotz the door. He was also the one who brought Trotz to New York shortly after his appointment as president of operations. hockey and CEO of the team. It seems that relations in the locker room and in the offices had become strained… and Lamoriello wanted to bring more offensive hockey to Long Island.

We do not know at this point what fate awaits the Trotz deputies.

What does the future hold for Barry Trotz?

He could theoretically bounce back at Sunrise, if the Panthers are knocked out by the Capitals in the coming days. Otherwise, he might also decide to go coach at his home in Winnipeg. Let’s say that the interest in the experienced coach will be high. Reminder: The Jets, Flyers and Red Wings do not currently have a head coach, but other coaches could lose their jobs in the coming weeks.

But there is no rush. He will get $4 million to stay at home next season.

And since Trotz turns 60 in the summer and he already coached 23 years in the NHL (and another eight years in the American League as an assistant or head coach), the latter could decide to take on a management position rather than to coach. We could understand that.

Recall that the Islanders started their regular season with the longest tour in NHL history due to unfinished construction in their new home. Anyway… Lou Lamoriello never hesitated to fire a coach he no longer liked.

I’m not sure the Islanders will be able to find a better coach than Barry Trotz for the next campaign.

Trotz has won the Jack Adams Trophy twice during his career: 2015-16 (Washington) and 2018-19 (Long Island). He also won the Stanley Cup with the hats in 2018.

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