Hondouville football club is resurrected from its ashes thanks to three former players

In the foreground, the mayor and his predecessor symbolically handed over the keys to the football field to the new leaders of the Honduvillian Sports Association. ©Le Courrier de l’Eure / TG

The club from Hondouville has been ‘inactive’ since the end of 2019. Faced with financial difficulties, the then management team had thrown in the towel. Despite this, the Honduvillian Sports Association (ASH) still had its statutes in the prefecture. That is why three former players managed to breathe new life into it, almost in extremis. “We had until September of last year to restart, otherwise the ASH would be disbanded,” noted one of them.

Since Thursday, May 5, Maxime Clet, Alan Warmel and Valentin Montesinos are the three new leaders of the club, president, secretary and treasurer respectively. All three had felt “a stab in the heart” when they learned of the end of the club they had played as children and teenagers. “It hurt to walk along the field without activity,” says Valentin Montesinos. A feeling shared by his friends.

Resumption with the approval of the municipality

The trio therefore went to the city council to propose its approach on the one hand, and then to get approval. Elected officials necessarily responded positively, as evidenced by the statement of the current mayor, Jean-Charles Paris, who presided over the general assembly, confidently in the preamble: “ASH is close to my heart. †

“The mistake that was made was that no one from the municipality was in the office anymore. †

Jean-Claude Rouland, Honorary Mayor of Hondouville

Because it is close to the heart of the three former elected officials, Jean-Claude Rouland, now Honorary Mayor of Hondouville, Philippe Rio and Jean-Claude Billey, who came to support this process and their advice. The former chief magistrate wants ASH’s past setbacks to serve as a lesson of sorts. “I was very attached to the club, I was very sad about his passing. The mistake that was made was that there was no one from the municipality in the office anymore. With 100% people from outside there is not the same attachment. »

Not only did the three young leaders play at ASH, but the new president from Hondouville is also “a pledge of confidence”, the meeting admits in the hall of the city council. And it was “mainly Maxime”, according to Valentin Montesinos, who came up with the idea. “But breathing new life into the office is hard work. I wanted to surround myself with my friends to work on this project,” said the director concerned.

Recruit volunteers, coach and players

At the moment there are only three of them in the office. According to the statutes, it will have to “grow quickly” to have twice as many members. In addition, both elected officials and new leaders are striving to recruit volunteers and players associated with the club and the community to avoid the setbacks that led to leaving ASH in 2019.

Now the debt has been paid. But the town hall promises to keep an eye on the club, without interfering in the decisions of the leaders. Therefore, the mayor led the meeting at which the rebirth of ASH was recorded, which concluded with a symbolic key transfer.

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For this rebirth, the Honduvillian Sports Association will “start all over again, with one team”. The leading trio has started recruiting seniors, from the community (if possible) and surrounding area. “We need people who are attached to the club,” emphasizes Alan Warmel.

The same goes for the volunteers and especially the coach. They are actively looking for it. They did this at the level of the Eure district. “We want someone with experience. But if we start, he will start as a volunteer,” says the chairman. The goal: to resume training in August and to participate in the championships again next season, at the end of September. “For another team we see the second year”, the new leaders conclude cautiously.

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