Clémence DesRochers: very impatient

Clémence DesRochers is still as funny, interesting and gifted with a legendary sense of repair. When the 88-year-old grande dame says she’s “done taking care of the show,” there’s no doubt that it was her years on stage, creations and laughter that allowed her to keep her heart young.

The pandemic, Clémence DesRochers explains, hasn’t been that bad for her, all things considered, quiet as a couple in her Eastern Township mansion. Sure, he missed dinners with friends, but drawing and writing made up for the absences associated with incarceration.

It is not the first time that art has served as a balm to soften difficult times. “It was actually my life,” the Impatients spokesperson confided. On stage I could be anywhere else but in my grief. †

Les Impatients – who celebrated during the exhibition Nice to meet you ! their thirtieth anniversary on May 5 – is an organization whose mission is to help people with mental health problems through artistic expression.


The fact that he was asked to act as a spokesperson touched the comedian and actress, who was first part of the group Les Femmeuses, which presented exhibitions by female artists.

“Bringing people out of great loneliness through music, dance and object-making workshops, all of this resonates with me, says the one who – in all humility, she emphasizes – made it a point to send them his own designs. By creating we can get out of this difficulty in life, we come out of a state of mind and a reality that is too heavy.”

Evidence of the effectiveness of Les Impatients: Clémence made it a friend and correspondent in his thirties, a young man with Asperger’s syndrome, gifted in painting, which evolved much through the writings he shared with the great lady of humor . enough to write a book called Clemence and me the profits of which are donated to charity.

Great career

Humorist, actress, singer, poet, screenwriter, painter, Clémence DesRochers has lived several artistic lives. On TV she played in the first version of the soap opera The Plouffe . family† The elderly remember her in Grujot and delicate and What a family † We saw him in the cinema recently The great temptation

In her long career, she has done several comedy shows and told “la vie de factrie”. In a collection she paid tribute to her father and poet Alfred DesRochers. She wrote and sang I will make a gardenone of the most beautiful songs of the Quebec repertoire.

This busy career earned her the medal of Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Québec in 2001. After retiring from the stage in 2008, she received the 2009 Governor General’s Award for the Performing Arts for Artistic Direction.

“I don’t do shows anymore,” the artist explains when asked what his next projects are. I have reached a point in my life where I am quoted and sometimes revered. There will also be a book about my life. †

From the Les Impatients Collection, the exhibition Nice to meet you ! A look at thirty years of creation and hope will be presented until June 19 at La Poste 1700 (rue Notre-Dame Ouest in Montreal).

‘s cultural diary leniency

Clémence DesRochers, 88 years old, remains interested in culture. Here are the last five elements that shaped his free time.

Last read book?

A book about the English painter David Hockney, a man to know, and the novel Mrs Hayat by Ahmet Altani [Prix Femina étranger 2021]which I loved.

Last watched movie?

The documentary child prodigy which tells the story of the artistic director of the fashion house Balmain. It is about his work, but also about his life, while he is looking for his biological parents.

Have you listened to the last album?

I listen to a lot of classical music when I draw, and I’ve been drawing a lot lately. I especially like the pianist Glenn Gould and the music of Bach played by Alexandre Tharaud.

Last thing written?

I write handwritten letters that I send to a friend. I like going to the post office. I put several letters I wrote over the course of the week in the same envelope, otherwise it would cost me a lot of stamps.

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