Christian Deschênes foresees a fairly busy summer

(Jean Doyon) – In La LNAH, the Éperviers de Sorel-Tracy finished 2nd overall in the regular season during the 2021-2022 season, having had a good season until the “re-close” of the holiday season in 2021. But on the return , in the 2022 leg that started again in February, the Sparrowhawks experienced sawtooth performances and this lack of regularity even carried over to the playoffs.

Through a difficult path through the REPÊCHAGE series, they nevertheless reached the semi-finals only to be defeated last weekend, in four games against Assurancia de Thetford, who finished first this season.

Looking at the numbers, Christian Deschênes’ men have a record of 15 wins, 9 losses and 4 defeats in a tiebreak, in 28 games, six wins less than Thetford. Offensively, the Éperviers scored very well in 2nd place for “goals for” with 110.1 goal less than Thetford, but also 2nd in defense with 95 “goals against”, ie 24 more than Assurancia, which made the difference in the end.

In an attempt to recap the last season of Les Éperviers, at the end of the play-offs, team GM Christian Deschênes said: “I had to lead my team three times during the season, with a full roster, the rest of the time I had to deal with all kinds of absences, including injuries, suspensions, unavailability, the disease (Covid) or others. There was always something wrong!”

On the other hand, he is not surprised by this end of the season. “The closure (re-incarceration) was catastrophic for us. We are a team that practices weekly and during the covid break the Colosseum was closed and after that there were several matches on Thursday and Friday, during which time the guys can’t free themselves on Wednesday. As a result, our team, who normally don’t have many injuries, ended up in a situation that was three times worse. †he summed up.

The former #8 of Les Eperviers wasn’t expecting an easy run against St-Georges, even at 3-0, he explained, he knew he wasn’t on the “Poof” with both feet. “We had won 2 games 2 against 1, with difficulty and misery because we were missing elements. Gélinas had been extraordinary in one of these meetings. Then I lost Hinse, Bouvet-Morrissette through injuries, Paquin-Boudreau suspended for 2 games. In the end, it was the special teams that made the difference, especially in Game #4. By the way my disappointment was during this match almost everyone was there and it was maybe the match we played the best and at the end of the match COOL FM overtook us 5 to 1 I knew that was the turning point point of the series. Then we lit it! †analyzes Deschênes.

After that, he estimates that the team played three good games during the second chance series against the Marquis de Jonquière. “Three tight games, but we knew this was our last chance. In the semi-finals we knew we were up against a very strong team. In the 4 games against them they were still there after 2 periods, but they had three big lines of attack, which was not the case with us and that made all the difference. Thetford was already a good team, with Guillaume Lépine and Dylan Labbé, the flaws, there weren’t many! †


Asked to turn the “Coach” on a bit during the interview, I told him about his lively discussions with the referees during the meetings. “Yes, my background still follows me, that’s true, but you’ll have to ask the question (the team owners) to know exactly what we want? A referee so strict that we play 5v5 one out of three periods “Is this really what our fans want? Or that we penalize a foul for one team but not another? We have to be consistent and equal on both sides.”

“Our video clerk made a montage for us of similar violations in a match, while one in two teams was penalized. This is nonsense! Mathieu Dumas didn’t know how to play 1 against 1. It is not easy for the players at the moment. There is the old guard from 20 years ago and the new (referee), and they are two different styles of referees. The level of the competition has risen so much in 20 years that it is clear that adjustments must also be made at this level! †

Player loss, draft and reconstruction

Christian Deschênes thinks the Éperviers will lose several players in the coming weeks. He gives himself time to process last season, but then he will have to take stock of who will return to the game next season and draw up a draft based on what he needs. “It’s part of the process. By adding an element or two year after year, we knew we would get there one day. It is almost a renovation, but at the same time we have a very good list of players. †, says the one who doesn’t seem too concerned about the future of his team. The LNAH Draft is expected to take place in mid-June this year.

On the financial plan

Despite an endless pandemic, the Sparrowhawks have nothing to complain about, replies Christian Deschênes. “We didn’t have the crowds we expected in the series, perhaps due to a lack of direct rivalry, and also because of the famous jump-off series that, as we know, caused people to drop out. But in spite of everything, I have always led the team to make it happen. not to endanger our team is healthy! »he claimed.

Four new lodges?

There are plans to add four new boxes to the Colisée Cardin. “We had talked about it with city officials, but with six teams we had put it on hold. But there, with Mr Gaudette’s expansion for years to come, he has rekindled the flame for us. We therefore have a project for four new lodges, which will be located at the height of the concrete stairs (zamboni side) of the Colosseum. There is even a terrace on top of the boxes. We should meet the townspeople soon. †the Sparrowhawks owner concluded.

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