Véronique Cloutier finally reveals the mysterious cover of her magazine

on August 4, Veronique Cloutier shared a preview of the cover of the next issue of his magazine Vero leaving the mystery lingering. Today we now see more clearly (it is so to say)!

The magazine’s famous cover was revealed in a message from The pressfor which journalist Chantal Guy spoke with some women behind women’s magazines from Quebec about the echoes of the movement black lives matterthat has been in the spotlight since the tragic murder of the African American george floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer last May.

While the Wink count the beautiful rapper Sarahmee on the cover of the most recent issue, the magazine Vero also swapped, for the first time since its inception, its classic covers with the host of Veronique and the Fantastics to highlight 11 influential black women from Quebec.

For the month of September, the singer-songwriter is indeed in the spotlight Dominique Fils-Aimesinger and actress Melissa Bedardthe journalist Marissa GroguheSarahmée, the diver Jennifer Abelthe entrepreneur Carla Beauvaisthe content creator and host Naila Rabel (known under the pseudonym The fat one who makes videos on social networks or Naïla Tremblay), former nurse and former president of the Interprofessional Health Federation (FIQ) Regine Laurentthe journalist, presenter and columnist Noemi Mercieractress, director and producer Fabienne Colas as well as the spokesperson for the Massimadi Foundation: Afro LGBTQ Film and Arts Festival Alicia Kazobinka

Credit: Véro . magazine

A word : LOVELY† We would definitely like more covers like this in the world of Quebec magazines in the future!

Faced with possible reactions that could proclaim opportunism, Véronique Cloutier confided to the newspaper: “ When the injustices suffered by blacks are brought out, as many people do, I have sympathy, I feel sorry, I am outraged, but for me it ended there. But here I think we can thank the pandemic and social networks, because this time I decided to push my thinking. Social networks spoke so loudly after George Floyd’s murder that you would have to be very insensitive not to listen.

It is no longer enough not to be racist, you have to be anti-racist. I think consciousness is broad, collective and planetary. Really, in my life it has changed something. I want to do more and better she added, saying she understood the mistrust of racialized women who may have refused to participate in the project for fear of being used, politicized or called out only when the topic of racism is on everyone’s lips. †

What I have understood in recent months is that diversity is no longer enough. It’s not enough to put a black person on the cover to be represented. You need to know how to better showcase them, you need to hire people at other levels, also have them in management, among freelancers “, Véronique told Chantal Guy, indicating that she was serious about diversifying her team at all levels.

I’m very moved and feverish to launch this song, I’m doing it with all the humility in the world, it’s not to make me say bravo. In my reflections over the past few months, I have integrated the concept of white privilege well. I understand that it is up to me to use my voice to give others a springboard. They don’t need me to speak, shine and perform, but maybe they need me to let them know she concluded by thanking the 11 women who answered the call.

This edition ofVero will be available in newsstands from 20 August. We strongly recommend that you read the full article fromThe presson the topic here!

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