Reinvested, Macron promises “a stronger France” and “a more livable planet”

PARIS: Emmanuel Macron has “sworn the oath” to leave “a more livable planet” and “a stronger France” by being invested in the Elysée on Saturday for his second five-year term in which he plans to “act tirelessly” .

“Our past is a fervent testimony to this: it is in difficult times that France reveals the best of itself. It is when the winds of tragedy lift that we find the strength to lift ourselves above ourselves to write history in universal ink the French president wrote on his Twitter account.

“The French people have chosen a clear and explicit project for the future. A republican and European project. A project of scientific, social and ecological progress. A project faithful to the spirit, which has not stopped blowing on our minds since the Enlightenment. countries,” he tweeted.

In front of more than 450 guests gathered at the village hall, the head of state outlined the spirit in which he planned to preside until 2027. He will be “a new president” for “a new mandate,” he said. a speech of about ten minutes.

“At a time when the French again entrust me with the highest responsibility, I am aware of the gravity of the times. And from the return of the war in Europe to the pandemic and the ecological emergency (…) we rarely have our world and our country were faced with such a combination of challenges,” he said.

Returning to his victory with 58.5% of the vote against Marine Le Pen, he believed that the French had “made the choice for a clear project” in the face of “the sirens of ideologies that we thought we had abandoned” in the 20th century and “easy demagoguery”.

“The time that begins will be that of decisive action for France and for Europe,” he promised. “Act first to avoid escalation after the Russian aggression in Ukraine, to let democracy and courage prevail, to build a new European peace and a new autonomy on our continent”.

He also pledged to “act for a society of full employment”, against “inequality by rebuilding our school and our health”, against “the insecurities of everyday life, the terrorism that still lurks” .

After formalizing his inauguration, the President of the Constitutional Council Laurent Fabius called on him to face “the great challenges” of this new five-year term, following five years “struck by an accumulation of crises and upheavals” , such as that of the Covid, the climate or the war in Ukraine. “In these difficult times, let us be servants of the law and dutiful,” he added, citing Victor Hugo.

Sarkozy and the Netherlands

About 450 people attended this inauguration ceremony with a very codified protocol and placed under the sign of austerity, like that of the previous presidents re-elected, François Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac.

Among the guests were Prime Minister Jean Castex, all smiles, his predecessors Edouard Philippe, Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Manuel Valls, ministers, many elected officials, heads of formed bodies, academies, religions… As well as former presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande.

They rubbed shoulder to shoulder, under the gold of the palace, the president’s family, including his wife Brigitte, caretakers, the mayors of certain municipalities where the great debate took place in 2019 after the crisis of the “yellow vests”, officials of associations, athletes like Brahim Asloum, Olympic boxing champion, students of a 6th grade class in Oise labeled JO 2024. “I’m glad you’re here for this Republican moment. Now you’re the one preparing for the rest,” he said. Emmanuel Macron them.

He also greeted the parents of Samuel Paty, the teacher beheaded in October 2020, the widow of the first doctor to die of Covid or the mayor of Trèbes, the city where three people died in March 2018, including the lieutenant colonel of the gendarmerie Arnaud Beltrame.

So many of the president’s guests remembered the great tragic moments of the first five-year term and the priorities set for the new one, including a hospital reform, are yet to be determined.

21 cannon shots

At the end of the ceremony, Emmanuel Macron went into the park to assess the troops by the sound of the Marseillaise, but also of the piece “Terre et mer” by Bagad de Lann-Bihoué, already played during the quinquennium to pay tribute to soldiers killed in operations in the Sahel.

The presence of 160 soldiers “relates to the context of the war in Ukraine, but also to Emmanuel Macron’s understanding of the importance of the French army and to the role of the President of the Republic as head of the armies,” explains historian Jean. from. Garrigues.

Overall, the ceremony is “an extension of a quasi-monarchal ritual, a kind of coronation of the Republican monarch,” he added.

As tradition dictates, 21 cannon shots were fired from the Invalides.

This inauguration did not mark the beginning of the new five-year term: officially, the end of the first one, on Friday evening, May 13, at midnight, must be awaited.

The appointment of the new prime minister, which has been speculated for several days, will not take place until after this date.

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