Football. For a decisive Douvres-Hérouville, crosstalk between Moustapha Seck and Ferley Amoetang

Friends in life, Moustapha Seck (Dover, left) and Ferley Amoetang (Hérouville, right) vow not to give each other gifts this afternoon. (©AC / Sport in Caen)

Moustapha Secka and Ferley Amoetang know each other well. Very well in fact. Not content with the fact that they had played together in Dover for nearly two seasons, one lived with the other for several months. However, Seck le Douvrais and Amoetang l’Hérouvillais will not make a buddy buddy next Sunday, May 8, 2022 (3 p.m.). The two men will go head-to-head in a highly anticipated match in Regional 2. Hérouville, who is just one point ahead of Villers-Houlgate at the top of the standings, absolutely needs to win to advance to R1. After this shock, only one match remains, a priori without great danger against the B de Flers. Dover is playing nothing more than promising to deliver a real match, despite the fears of some.

Ferley, is the upcoming game against Dover the most important of your season?

Ferley Amoetang: We know that very well, of course. It must be the confirmation of our great season. It is clearly a super important game. But it is primarily a football game. Aside from the stakes, it’s a good game to play.

Has the team been under more stress lately?

FA: We prepared for this game like the others, but we feel it’s special for the boys. It’s a little different for me because I played in Dover two years ago and it didn’t end well… But I don’t feel any particular pressure at home or excitement in the team.

Seck: “We’ll play it like any game”

Moustapha, how are you going to handle this match?

Moustapha Seck: We will play it like any other game. We will not start in the best of conditions because we are missing four to five starters from the start of the season, injured. But the reserve team can’t go up anymore, the best players will be with us. We will fight with the resources that are ours.

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Are you jealous of the Hérouville course, you who belonged to the favourites?

MRS: It’s a season that hurts a bit for us. I think we should have fought Hérouville and Villers-Houlgate indeed. The train passed at one point, we didn’t know how to seize the opportunity. Our defeat to the PTT in the first leg, when we were first, hurt us. Then we lost players through injuries.

Ferley, why did you perform so well when you may not have the best individuals?

FA: I disagree with the individualities. For me, we are part of the teams with the greatest individualities. This also explains our place. We didn’t steal it. But the strength of the group is that it lives very well. There was another click during our victory in the first leg against Villers-Houlgate.

MRS: Not to lie to you, we haven’t seen Hérouville that high this season. If they’re there, it’s because they don’t deserve it.

You could have saved yourself the current tension…

FA: It is certain. We were treated to a disaster scenario at La Ferté, one of the best teams in the group, but the machine has since started again.

Amoetang: “It would suit everyone if Villers goes up”

Douvrais and Hérouvillais know each other very well. In regional football, some fear that Dover is “fun” with Hérouville. How do you respond to that?

MRS: Since I’ve been playing football, I’ve never cheated. We will play normally. On a field there is no friendship. Especially at home! We don’t want to lose at home.

FA: For me it’s just the opposite! I think it would suit everyone if Villers were driving this year. The other R2 teams believe that Hérouville will not do the same season twice, while Villers will be very armed next season.

MRS: Nor do we tell ourselves to prevent Hérouville from going up. We approach this match in the same way as against Villers or La Ferté.

Very different paths

Moustapha Seck arrived from Senegal six years ago after a failed trial at Marseille Consolat, who played in National. This is his sixth season with Dover, where he is captain. He is also an educator at the club. Ferley Amoetang, also a teacher in Hérouville, studied in Hérouville. He then played with MOS, Dover, ASPTT Caen and Mondeville. At the age of 26 he is back here in Hérouville.

A great season on both sides

How do you personally rate your season?

MRS: It started very well, I had some good matches. I then had a bad period from February to April as a thigh injury kept me off the field for over two months. This is the black point.

FA: My season started badly at Mondeville. I was in group B. I came back from bleeding (in Guyana, editor’s note) overweight. I quickly left Mondeville for Hérouville because I was already an educator here. I didn’t expect much, I had come mainly to restore my health. On arrival I have a very good season because the coach made me responsible. I had a lot of fun when it wasn’t what I expected, especially because of the game we’re playing. Me who likes to touch the ball, we have a very direct game. It was very helpful for me to correct some mistakes.

Before Mondeville you played in Dover with Moustapha…

FA: It didn’t go well when I left, I have a bit of that vengeful side. When I came back from vacation I had a weight problem again and the coach (Eric Fouda) put me in group B where I was with young people I had trained in U18. I went through a lot and I left for Mondeville. Finally, there was no season with the Covid.

A message to the other to finish?

MRS: May he sleep well (the interview was conducted the day before the match, editor’s note), may he be in good shape, may we have a good match and may Dover win!

FA: May the best win…

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