All about the Matura, the Polish baccalaureate, edition 2022!

After 2 years of pandemic that had disrupted the tests, a return to almost normal for this new edition of the Matura 2022 … 41 young Ukrainians who arrived in Poland after February 24 are taking their final exams in Poland, the said. Central Examination Board (CKE , Centralna Komisja Egzaminacyjna). Special conditions have been introduced especially for them, including a longer period of time during the tests. The matura exams will take place from 4 to 23 May.

Do you know what the Polish Baccalaureate looks like? We help you improve your knowledge in this area!

Kezako la Matura in a few figures

The Matura (Fr. baccalaureate) – formerly called the maturity exam – is a symbolic moment for every Pole of entry into adulthood. A good pass for the baccalaureate exam opens the doors to higher education. Period of revisions, stress and often sleepless nights, both for candidates and families!

In 2009, 430,000 high school students in Poland graduated from the baccalaureate.

The demographic contraction is doing its job, in 2019 there were less than 250,000.

Today, in this month of May 2022, 289,000 high school students are taking the exam, including 41 from Ukraine.

The choice of high school, courses

Access to secondary school is by file in Poland, after an exam concluding education in primary school, in the 8th grade: Egzamin osmoklasisty† The 8th grade corresponds to the 4th of the university in France. The choice of secondary school and courses is therefore essential. This is the first step in a long orientation process.

Admittedly, the training offer may vary in certain secondary schools, but there are general profiles, guaranteed in all schools in Poland, for example: mathematics, humanities and literature, geography, biology and chemistry, foreign languages ​​or computer science.

The choice of courses is crucial for the preparation of the baccalaureate. Students are more likely to choose courses for the baccalaureate in which they have a larger number of specific courses.

The structure of the Matura, compulsory and elective courses!

The general baccalaureate requires a correct level in basic subjects such as Polish, mathematics and foreign languages. These courses are compulsory for everyone and you must achieve at least 30% to pass.

In addition, everyone chooses at least one elective course that they must then follow at an advanced level.

For each baccalaureate degree, the student has the opportunity to take some optional tests (maximum 6). In this case, there is no percentage threshold like at the beginner level. In most cases, however, students choose advanced-level subjects.

New for this 2022 session: oral exams are not required. They are organized only for those who need the result of this examination in the recruitment procedure in a higher education institution abroad.

The modalities of the exam, high school, technikum, szkoła branżowa

The exam is usually taken between the ages of 18 and 19. But the baccalaureate exam can be taken at any age and more and more people are taking on this challenge after a few years or even decades.

As for the students, they have to pass all subjects to pass the baccalaureate. The teacher has the right not to admit a student to the baccalaureate, only by giving him a negative mark for his subject at the end of the school year. In that case, the baccalaureate will be postponed until the end of the following school year.

Not only secondary school offers the opportunity to obtain the baccalaureate, but also technical school (technikum). The main difference between the schools is the number of years it takes to complete training and obtain a diploma.

From the year 2019, secondary school education lasts 4 years, technical school 5 years and vocational school (szkoła branżowa) only 3 years. At the end of secondary school you will obtain a diploma of secondary education and the possibility to follow the baccalaureate degree.

At the end of a technical school, students obtain a diploma of secondary education, as well as a professional qualification, confirmed by an exam. However, the diploma from a vocational school is not enough. In this case, two additional years of vocational secondary education (II st.) must also be completed to pass the baccalaureate.

“I want to close the training phase and move on, in the direction that interests me. † Martyna, future high school graduate of Ludwik Zamenhof in Łódź

Olympiad Bonuses

April 29 marked the end of the 2022 school year and the end of high school education. This is a special time for young people who are choosing their careers now. Martyna, a future high school graduate of Ludwik Zamenhof high school in Łódź, admits she is happy to end this phase of her life, but doesn’t believe it yet. After being a finalist in Olympiads of knowledge about Poland and the modern worldshe automatically obtained 100% in the baccalaureate in social studies (in Polish WOS† In this way, the education system rewards students who successfully participate in: Olympics… motivation for some!

Pandemic 2020/2021 vs Baccalaureate

The preparations for the baccalaureate have been completely different in the past two years than in previous years. The pandemic has led to major changes in education. The students were taught online, mainly through the Teams platform. Opinions are still divided about online education. For some it was a blessing, for others a curse.

Martyna from Łódź believes she is one of the few people who prefers online courses. Turns out the pandemic didn’t negatively impact his preparation for the baccalaureate – “ First of all, during the online courses I saved a lot of time on traveling between home and school, breaks or courses that I did not take. “In addition, the pandemic has not only changed the form of education, but also the structure of the baccalaureate.” The pandemic has contributed to the abolition of oral exams, which I think is a plus† she adds. On the other hand, the majority of the students in her class believe that the pandemic has caused chaos in the schools.

“I am aware that I was one of the few people who preferred the teaching method during the pandemic. Most of my friends complain about the lack of motivation, as far as I’m concerned, online classes are better! † Martyna of Lodz

We wish the high school students the best of luck! Here is the schedule of events:

  • 6 Mayin the morning they took an exam in English, basic level, and in the afternoon exams in the following languages: German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian at the basic level;
  • The 9th of Mayin the morning there is an exam in English, basic and bilingual level, and in the afternoon in philosophy;
  • May 10thin the morning there is an exam in Polish at the comprehensive level and in the afternoon in French at the comprehensive and bilingual level;
  • 11 Mayin the morning there is an exam in mathematics at the comprehensive level, and in the afternoon in Spanish at the comprehensive and bilingual level;
  • May 12thin the morning there is a biology exam and in the afternoon in Russian at the comprehensive and bilingual level;
  • 13 Maythere will be an exam in social studies in the morning and in the afternoon in German, comprehensive levels and bilingual;
  • May 16there will be a chemistry exam in the morning and afternoon in Italian, comprehensive and bilingual;
  • May 17in the morning there is a history exam and in the afternoon in the languages ​​of national minorities at the basic level;
  • May 18in the morning there is an exam in geography and in the afternoon in the languages ​​of national minorities at an extended level;
  • May 19there is a physics exam in the morning and an art history exam in the afternoon;
  • May 20thin the morning there is an exam in computer science, and in the afternoon in the Kashubian language and the Lemko language;
  • May 23examinations in separate subjects in foreign languages ​​will be held for graduates of bilingual schools or classes.

Oral exams not mandatory for the 2021/2022 school year. They are open to people whose results of such an examination are necessary when recruiting for a foreign university.

For high school graduates who for health reasons or random reasonscannot take the written exams on the main date, an additional session date has been set, from 1 to 15 June 2022. Oral exams, from 14 to 15 June.

July 5, results day!

Baccalaureate results are announced by SKE (Centralna Komisja Egzaminacyjna) July 5. Secondary graduates also receive their diplomas on this day.

The catch-up session

For the unlucky ones who failed the first session, the re-sits will take place on August 23, these will be only written exams. The results of the remedial exams will be announced on 9 September.

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