Pregnancy seen by… Stéphanie Bédard

MAGAZINE. At the beginning of her forties, Stéphanie Bédard welcomed a new person into her life, her daughter Rémie. Met in Saint-Didace, the artist opens with an open heart about her vision of motherhood, while returning to the birth of her first child.

“I lived in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton for about five years. Eighteen months ago I met Mattéo, my lover. He already lived in Saint-Didace, so I came to him so we could be together,” she says from the start.

Stéphanie Bédard quickly took over. She feels at home in the middle of nature, despite the distance that separates her from Drummondville, where she was born.

Saint-Didace is located on the border of Lanaudière and Mauricie. When you leave Highway 40 at the Louiseville exit, the road that leads to the commune of 700 residents is beautiful and winding. Before arriving at your destination, discover the lush flora and fauna of Sainte-Ursule and Saint-Édouard-de-Maskinongé.

At Stéphanie Bédard, birdsong replaces the cacophony of the city. Nearby you can hear the sweet melody of the Red and White rivers. In this little corner of paradise she raises her daughter Rémie.

By having a child, Stéphanie Bédard reconnects with the present moment. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)


As she approached forty, Stéphanie Bédard felt ready to welcome her first child. From the beginning, a wonderful chemistry developed between Mattéo and her. “When I met him, the issue of the children was settled in five minutes. We wanted to get older,” she says.

The pregnancy went fantastic. His condition did not hinder him in his professional projects. During the week she made soap operas and on the weekend she performed with the tour The road of the lakes† “I worked hard for my due date in mid-February. In January my mother came to help me at the soap factory and we did a production while waiting for Rémie to arrive,” she says.

In recent years, Stéphanie Bédard has taken a career turn by creating the banner Beautiful without artifice† She combines her greatest passions, music and soap making. On the one hand, she creates performances that resemble her, in order to connect with the audience; on the other hand, it creates soaps that are in line with its environmental values.

Rémie appeared on February 17. The birth was not easy. The work took 27 hours. “Having a child is not the magic you imagine. It’s not like in a movie. There is no small music in the back and everyone is dancing. It’s different, but it’s still beautiful,” she says in all transparency.

Stéphanie Bédard shares her life with her partner Mattéo. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

fourth trimester

Stéphanie Bédard could count on her husband’s help as soon as she got home. The first weeks were tough, she recalls. By speaking out, she wants to normalize the difficulties they experience during the fourth trimester, that is, the transition period after childbirth.

“There is a lot of emphasis on the moments of happiness ‘after’. There are so many other cases that we are not told. It’s more complicated than we initially think. For the mother there is a reconstruction of body and mind. The relationship you develop with your child develops gradually. There are many happy moments, but there are also many questions.

During this experience, Stéphanie Bédard learned a lot. In his view, parents have more to learn from their children than the other way around. “Every day has its way. With a child, everything can change in 24 hours. It’s not easy to project yourself, so you have to focus on the present moment.

In recent months, the latter has grown as a woman. “I have a lot of confidence in my work and what I can do. Motherhood is new. I have learned that I have everything it takes to be a good mother. All you have to do is trust me. She teaches me,” she says.

One day at a time

The new parents want to keep their freedom, despite the presence of their child. A new routine has been created, allowing Stéphanie and Mattéo to do some activities. They like to go outside for a walk with the pram. Eventually, Rémie will be able to attend her mother’s shows, as she already has small shells.

Stéphanie Bédard has many passions, including music. (Photo: Olivier Samson-Arcand)

There are a few new things coming to Stéphanie Bédard’s career, including the release of an album in the fall. It was also producer Richard Samson, of Vega Musique, who approached the singer-songwriter. “In 2019 I produced an EP myself, titled Ricochet† It’s a lot of work to do all of this alone. I had been through it and didn’t want to do it again. I was more in the papers than in creation. So it was a good thing that Richard offered me such a project. It’s like a fairytale,” she says.

The singer has surrounded herself with a dynamic and qualified team, including Philou and Georgette. After participating in Star Académie, Belle et Bum and The Voice-France, Robin des Bois and Notre-Dame de Paris, Stéphanie Bédard wanted to compose songs in her likeness, to convey her own messages.

Writing songs started last spring. “In 2015 I released my first album. We did it very quickly. I was between Asia and France. I had four months to make an album. I didn’t write the songs. I am proud of this achievement, but for the second time I wanted something different.

Currently, Stéphanie Bédard is concentrating on her daughter. She cherishes every moment in his company and witnesses all his first times.

“I haven’t done many shows this summer. It allows me to slow down… to bounce back better,” she concludes with a grin.

La route des lacs is his most recent musical project. (Photo Olivier Samson-Arcand)

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