Wilfrid Lauriano Do Rego: French success

The French social ladder is not a myth. Wilfrid Lauriano Do Rego is proof of that. Indeed, nothing destined this 61-year-old Franco-Beninese to become chairman of the French supervisory board of one of the leaders of the council. Nothing predestined this recognized expert and adviser to become one of the closest advisers to the President of the French Republic on African issues. †I never had a career plan entrusts the person concerned with the humility and tranquility that characterize him. I have always progressed as challenges presented themselves, trying to provide the best solutions.

It is through hard work that Wilfrid Lauriano Do Rego has forged his expertise and reputation. That of an intelligent and benevolent troop leader. That of a man who listens effectively, is able to support and advise the flagships of the French economy, especially in the energy sector. That of a man of his word to his customers, his employees and associates at KPMG and more generally to anyone seeking his informed view of the world. That of a committed citizen who fights with conviction and concretely for diversity and “better living together”. An experience that led him to be elected by the President of the Republic in 2018 to lead the Presidential Council for Africa (CPA). An exposed and political position which he nevertheless accepted without hesitation: “I have been very lucky in my career. This shift to the public sphere was an opportunity for me to give back to French society what it had given me.

work your way up

It must be said that Wilfrid Lauriano Do Rego was the ideal candidate for the position. Because of his African roots – he was born in Benin in 1960 – and above all his natural knowledge of the continent. From his technical skills in the economic field, then. A financier by trade, he studied in Dakar and in France — at the IAE in Bordeaux and then at the ESCP — before joining KPMG France in 1988. Since then, he has continued to climb the ladder within the company. A career that says a lot about his loyalty

“He does not spare his time. He is willing to give time to put forward the ideas he believes in. (…) He is a man who speaks little, but when he expresses himself it is with incredible efficiency”, Vincent Jacques Le Seigneur, President, Energies for the World

His first know-how within the company? Financial audit in the context of mergers and acquisitions. In the field, the man gradually specializes in the world of energy and telecom. Until it became an undisputed reference in the case. †He is highly recognized in these sectorssays Mustapha Oussedrat, chairman of KPMG Avocats, who has been working with the person concerned for more than 20 years. He has a great ability to listen, thanks to which he understands the needs of the interlocutors with finesse. He gives them very pragmatic answers. He is a true expert in the economics of companies, large or small. He understands all aspects of it. He knows how to gain height because he knows how to be curious and interested in details testified by Laurent Lubrano, the CEO of the company Fonroche Lighting, who met Wilfrid Lauriano Do Rego as part of his position within the CPA.

Find solutions

An advisory role for clients that he will retain, while at the same time wishing to encourage the young generation of employees to take over. A natural evolution, he thinks. †Sending is important to mepay attention to whoever is”Global Lead PartnerSince 2016. In this capacity, he manages two of the company’s “key customers”, among the hundred it has worldwide.

“He has a great listening ability, which allows him to understand with finesse the needs of his interlocutors. He gives them very pragmatic answers,” Mustapha Oussedrat, Chairman, KPMG Avocats

So he is the one who is responsible for finding solutions when a problem arises for these two large scale companies. Whatever the problem. Whatever the country is. †I am here to understand, capture the need, then identify the team, the profession that can intervene and resolve the situation, he specifies. And to continue: it’s a role that requires me to know KPMG’s organization in France and around the world, and with 30 years in the house I had the chance to get to know our headquarters and departments well.

Management : Leading is listening first

And that’s not all. In 2019, the man was elected head of the supervisory board of KPMG France by the college of partners. He then becomes responsible for the management of the company. It is he who is responsible for “bringing forward the main axes” and “setting the pace” of the tricolor antenna.

A role that requires both experience and the ability to control one’s nerves, to keep a cool head. For to him the partners turn in times of trouble or in times of doubt. †Leading is listening first says calmly, Wilfrid Lauriano Do Rego.

“Wilfrid Lauriano Do Rego’s commitment was total to bring carbon-free energy where it is needed most,” Pham Ba, CEO, TeraWatt Initiative

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of KPMG France is very focused on the future and is leading the transformation of the company after his election, especially in the field of human resources. †He embodies Republican values ​​and ensures diversity is represented in our hires, Laurent Geoffroy, HRD of KPMG France testifies. He is truly committed to inclusion.

Urge to act

An ability to gain height that puts man at the service of all causes close to his heart, such as diversity. As such, he is a member of the Club du XXIe siècle, an association that promotes a positive view of diversity among economic and political decision-makers.

“He has the potential to be a great leader in any field,” he says. Laetitia Helouet, ex-president of the Club du XXIe siècle, director-general of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Internationales et Politiques

Also involved in the field of ecology, he acts as administrator of the “Energies for the world” foundation. And that’s not all: he also contributed to the launch of the NGO TeraWatt Initiative, launched after COP 21, which promotes the development of solar energy. The general manager of the structure, Pham Ba, testifies: “Wilfrid Lauriano Do Rego’s commitment was total to bring carbon-free energy where it is needed most.

He spares no effort, confirms Vincent Jacques Le Seigneur, President of Energies for the world. He is ready to give time to put forward the ideas he believes in. His intellectual qualities are invaluable to an organization like ours. He is a man who speaks little, but when he expresses himself, it is with incredible efficiency. A desire to act, which naturally led him to lead the Presidential Council for Africa in 2019.

Living better together

President Macron was looking for a five-legged sheep: a civil society person, with experience in various managerial positions, and with sufficient knowledge of the African continent and the African diaspora in France. explains which stakeholder is selected. As a matter of course. And who will take on this extra responsibility. His role? Advise and inform the President of the Republic on the one hand on political issues on African territory. Explain to the African diaspora the direction of the policies of the President of the Republic on the other side. In short, to make the link between Emmanuel Macron, the African diaspora and the countries of Africa. †I wanted to make sure that the dual citizenship settling in France would feel good“, he underlines. His common thread? The “better living together”.

“I have met few men with such a geopolitical vision and, at the same time, the ability to understand matters in the field. He is competent, visionary and virtuous,” Laurent Lubran, CEO of Fonroche Lighting

He really and deeply cares about giving the African diaspora a new homenotes Laetitia Helouet, former president of the Club du XXIe siècle and director general of the School of Advanced International and Political Studies (HEIP)† He is convinced that it is an asset to our country. His projects, his actions really push the boundaries.

Lucide, the man starts with what he knows: the economic aspect. He then multiplies the debates with college professors and other enlightened professionals. The observation is clear: we should abolish the CFA franc, seen as a “colonization tool“, in West Africa. The President of the Republic, listening to his adviser, will himself announce the end of the CFA franc during a trip to Abidjan in December 2019. He will multiply the following major projects, such as the implementation of the “pass africa”, an initiative aimed at encouraging and helping young binationals to start entrepreneurship: coaching, training and even financing. An undeniable success. †We have changed the lives of dozens of project leaders, he says proudly. Meeting young people, listening to their needs… that fed me emotionally.

political shift

Deep down I’m not the same person anymore“continues the one who is now a public man. Convinced that Emmanuel Macron can transform the country, Wilfrid Lauriano Do Rego aspires to continue his national commitment: “I firmly believe that if nothing changes, we will not be on the road to this better coexistence, which I believe is so important to our society.

“He embodies Republican values ​​and ensures diversity is represented in our hiresHe is really committed to inclusion.” Laurent Geoffroy, HRD, KPMG France

Not a matter of looking for the front of the media scene. †He is a man of conviction who does not forget where he comes from. He has ideas, values ​​and can move heaven and earth to defend themunderlines Mustapha Oussedrat who would not be surprised if one day he saw his old friend performing other public duties. Just like others who meet him. He has the potential for me to be a great leader in any field. believes that Laetitia Halouet emphasizes “the role model, at all levels of the person concerned. †I have met few men with such a geopolitical vision and, at the same time, the ability to understand the issues on the ground. He is able, visionary and virtuous, concludes with admiration Laurent Lubran. He is the kind of person the world needs today and tomorrow. A promising fate for this tireless defender of “better living together”.

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